Another peek behind the curtain

From Seth Emerson’s piece today on Brock Vandagriff ($$):

“What you need to understand is we’re going to run what fits our players,” Monken said, according to Brock. “If it’s pass-run 50-50, then we’re going to do that. If it’s pass first, if it’s run first. I do believe we’re going to open up the passing game more. But to be successful in the SEC you have to run the ball — we’re not going to get away from that.”

“I do believe we’re going to open up the passing game more.”  Be still, my heart.

Now, if only Kirby’s cool with that.


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  1. TimberRidgeDawg

    If Kirby wanted to Run The Damn Ball, he could have hired Bobo. Maybe last season was an “Apostrophe” (RIP Bob Hoskins).

    Air Georgia peeks it’s head above the horizon and a footballing nation fixes its gaze on Athens in apprehension of the onslaught to follow. .


    • Macallanlover

      LOL, so Bobo is now known to some as Man Ball proponent. Seems UGA had a pretty explosive offense when Bobo was dialing up the game plan and the play calls. Even with our “pro-style, run first” offense playing on the SEC, I recall us hanging in the Top 3 on YPP,with all those shiny, new, flash-bang offenses like Oregon, Texas Tech, Ok State, etc. And we did it without padding our stats by running up the scores against helpless defenses; it could have been more.

      I guess Stafford and Murray weren’t impressive enough throwing the ball under Bobo to get any passing respect. No, he will never be known as an Air Raid guru, and he likely isn’t the best OC in the land, but that isn’t a style of football we will see at UGA. We don’t don’t have to go to that extreme to accomplish our goals, and I am not sure they are as consistent as we want anyway. I think Monken will be fine, but it wouldn’t have been a bad pickup if Mike had come back, although I understand why he probably didn’t. I would have preferred he take a year or two off for health reasons, and I also think getting hitched to Boom is too risky a place to rebuild his reputation. While I have confidence in the direction Monken will take us this fall, I do wish Bobo had left his screen pass playbook in a drawer somewhere in BM, not sure we were ever better at that than we were the last few years CMB was driving that offensive bus.

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  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I hope it happens that way, and there is reason to think it might. CAVEAT: it seems to me Coley said similar things and we had reason to believe it was going to be true, then, too. “If the other team doesn’t score you can’t lose” might still be our motto. I LOVE having a great defense, but it’d be nice to have an above average offense to go with it.


    • Really all we need is to return to the production of 2 years ago. We don’t have to score 50 a game to win. We need to be able punch back in a game when our defense doesn’t control the game.


      • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

        ‘zackly. We don’t need to be lights out, but we need to avoid strings of 3 and outs. Those don’t do the D any favors, either.


        • Down Island Way

          Dictating on “O” might be the theme we want to sing too…UGA’s “D” will implement the down and distance….I/we really hope that special teams play is a HUGE part of the (successful) 2020 season


  3. The Old Jeffster

    I have a hard time believing Dawgs invested this much in signing so many receiver prospects and maybe the best TE prospect in the land, along with bringing in Monken, only to continue the same-old/same-old. However—- can Dawgs open it up with out turning it over? Kirby is risk-averse almost to a fault. Can he live simultaneously in the world of the sure thing and the high-flying/high-risk offense? Georgia can win 8 or 9 games on their schedule without really opening it up; obviously Monken was brought in to win the games that hitherto have been unwinnable. I hope Kirby’s natural caution will allow Monken the leeway to do his thing when needed.


  4. They’re saying everything I’ve been hoping to hear. Everything! They obviously need the results to reflect this, though. Kirby is the HC but I hope he lets Monken run the offense and I also hope someone will be a good QB coach.

    I’ve thought Kirby as being too stubborn but I don’t believe he’d allow Monken to say thid if it weren’t true. He’s already proven me wrong on a couple counts this off-season. Both his actions and his words have made it clear to me that he knows where we were deficient and he’s done everything he could to address that.


  5. I’m not worried about being run heavy or pass heavy. I suspect this staff will make better use of all the talent and that it’ll multifaceted, which will make it as dangerous as it should be. Obviously, they have big shoes to fill at QB and on the OL so I’m tempering expectations. I don’t believe the offense will struggle due to scheme, though.


  6. Mayor

    IMHO it’s not whether it’s pass first or run first. I’m fine with run first if you have players who can get open, can run routes and plays where you have schemed guys open so when you do pass the play is successful. That was the problem last year. Simple down and outs won’t cut it in this conference. Players running sloppy routes and not getting open won’t cut it either. Poor Jake caught the brunt of the fan aggravation last year but the problems with the passing game weren’t his fault. When the QB throws the pass to the correct spot and the receiver turns the wrong way, that’s not the QB’s fault. When the QB throws a ball that hits the receiver in the face mask and bounces into the hands of a DB that’s not the QB’s fault. After enough of those things happen it does start to affect the QB’s play though.



    IFwe could catch the damn ball, last years team hasn’t lost yet.


  8. spur21

    I think Kirby would have been of a different mindset last year if we had a halfway functioning offense. Now Kirby should be able to take more risk on the defensive side knowing we have the ability to score when truly needed.