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Another conference joins the one-time transfer movement.

Maybe the NCAA figured if it kept botching the waiver process, conferences would have no choice but to change the rules.



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Hello (again), Newman.

Technically speaking, as we sit here right now, Georgia doesn’t have a quarterbacks coach.  If you take Jake Rowe at his word about Jamie Newman’s game, it sounds like it would be a good idea for Kirby to find somebody pretty soon.

Thoughts on his game: Wake Forest finished 8-5 in 2019 and Newman had a huge hand in that. He excels throwing the ball downfield and outside the numbers. He’s also really adept at the designed quarterback run where he can get behind his shoulder pads and run with power. He’s a very good scrambler but not elite. He can sometimes hold on to the ball too long and took some chances with the football last season that he may not have to take at UGA. Newman tends to look at the rush while extending plays instead of keeping his eyes downfield but he’s tough to bring down in the pocket and can get away from pressure. He just has to be more decisive when that happens and trust his running ability.  [Emphasis added.]

Not to say there isn’t good physical talent to work with, or even that there’s considerable upside to be seen, but good SEC defenses will eat some of those flaws alive.


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Players, not plays

Andy Staples ($$) talked to Miami’s Manny Diaz about the big changes he made on the offensive side of the ball this offseason.  Diaz is as big on analytics as any college coach, so the process he engaged in didn’t surprise me.

In fact, the quote in the article that stood out to me wasn’t from Diaz, but from his new quarterback.

This was what D’Eriq King wanted to see on his visit. King, who shut himself down last season in order to redshirt and then changed his mind about returning to Houston, announced on the night of the national title game that he was putting his name in the transfer portal. As King weighed his options, he wasn’t worried about facilities or uniforms or most of the factors high school recruits consider. He made that clear when he took his official visit to Miami the weekend after he entered the portal. “I didn’t really want to see anything but just the guys that I’d be playing with,” King says. “They showed me tape on them, and I saw a bunch of guys flash on tape.”

That’s what happens the closer you get to the NFL draft, I suppose.


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Your Daily Gator wants to gator.

It’s not his Florida wins the SEC in 2020 prediction that makes this piece about Florida Gators wide receiver Jacob Copeland.

It’s his production.

Copeland failed to secure a reception in Florida’s 24-17 loss to Georgia this past season.

(h/t J-Dawg)


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Something to hold on to

Just a reminder that Todd Monken has a few pieces to work with this season.


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ESPN preseason FPI top 10

I see ESPN’s crack statistical crew (sans Bill Connelly) is back at it again.

If you’re gonna put TAMU in there, I don’t see how you omit Florida.  And you know how I feel about the Gators.

And Texas is back, again?

The main reason I’m posting this is so I can go back at season’s end and mock it.


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Trust him. He’s an athletic director.

Some of you love to point out the notion that most college athletic programs lose money, because that’s what they tell us.  When some (like me) push back and note there’s plenty of creative bookkeeping going on, the typical response is to scoff.

Maybe you can explain that to Ohio State’s athletic director.

Ohio State’s athletic department reported an operating deficit of $10 million last year, the first time in a decade that the department ended the fiscal year in the red.

But university administrators contend that the size of the budget deficit is significantly smaller — a total shortfall of less than $1 million — than what is listed on the report it must annually submit to the NCAA…

“There’s no way I would be sitting here with 36 sports if we had a $10 million deficit,” Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith said. “It just wouldn’t happen. I’d be dropping sports and ticket prices would go up.”

Smith was not taking either step, he added.

Citing an internal management report, school administrators said the 2019 deficit sat at only $624,359, with $210.3 million in total revenues and $210.9 million in expenses.

A nine-million dollar difference — that’s just what they admit to.  Think about the stuff they don’t mention.

When the day comes that FCS programs stop trying to move up in class, maybe they’ll be more to the everybody’s broke talk.  In the meantime, grain of salt, please.


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They have their uses.

For those of you who are ready to dismiss the Georgia-Georgia Tech series, this is one reason why it’s beneficial:

Georgia is among the leaders there, because of the P5 non-conference rivalry.  Even better, it’s a series Georgia has only lost three times in the last nineteen meetings.  Kind of seems like a no-brainer from where I sit.

Even better than that, the Dawgs haven’t had to debase their schedule as much as certain teams which shall remain nameless to make up for ranking highly in that regard.

Damn, ACC.  Your conference is already weak and you go and do that on top of it?


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“He seemed to be genuine.”

The lesson learned from The Last Hours of Mel Tucker at Colorado is an analogy:  coaches are to boosters what players are to coaches.

But the real lesson the folks at Colorado should take to heart is this:

“Listening back, in hindsight, I think there were some signs,” Hastings said in an interview Saturday. “I think losing an assistant to Tennessee [defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh], and the inability to pay enough to keep his staff, that bothered him…

Tucker’s answer was winding, touching on the loss of Brumbaugh, a key assistant that Vols coach Jeremy Pruitt plucked away with a significant raise. “That was disappointing,” Harrington says Tucker told the crowd, “but he made twice as much money so who could blame him?”

Money talks and coaches walk.


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Today, in trivia

Quick, without looking — last season, how much more rushing yardage did Tua have compared to Jake?

Answer:  it’s a trick question.

I didn’t get it, either.


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