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An old, familiar face returns

Well, now.

I’ll take it, although home-and-home would be better.


UPDATE:  This is an unmitigated bitch, though.

Not exactly top of the line.


UPDATE #2:  I wonder who’s picking up this tab.



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Stick to politics

This seems like one tortured analogy.

Screenshot_2020-02-18 Jeff Sessions on Twitter TTuberville realDonaldTrump TTuberville you can't stand with somebody if you[...]

Is Jeff Sessions confusing Tommy Tuberville with Paul Johnson?

It would be a lot funnier if he mocked Tubs for that mythical 2004 natty.  And it probably would sting a lot more, too.


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I don’t know if college football’s most talent-rich teams are getting richer.

But it sure looks like they’re staying richer.

By the way, is it just me, or does Bud mention Georgia a fair amount there?  Not that that’s a bad thing…


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Back in the saddle again

Some good news on the health front:

UGASports has learned Georgia head coach Kirby Smart told supporters in Charlotte on Monday night that redshirt freshman quarterback D’Wan Mathis has been officially cleared to practice ahead of spring camp.

Mathis – who underwent brain surgery last May – will compete with grad transfer Jamie Newman, Stetson Bennett and Carson Beck for playing time once spring practice begins March 17.

Boy, what a change in the quarterback room from last September, eh?


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A cascade of Dawg porn

PFF’s Top 10 returning SEC players piece:

  • has two Dawgs on the list in Jamie Newman and George Pickens;
  • lists Newman third, behind LSU’s Stingley and Chase;
  • says of Newman, With Newman, a run at the National Championship is realistic for Georgia.“;
  • lists Pickens seventh, making him and Stingley the only two true freshmen to make the list; and
  • notes that Pickens “saw the third-most catchable targets without a drop among FBS receivers in 2019”.

The cherry on top of the sundae…

… with Jamie Newman now throwing Pickens the ball, the Bulldogs have easily the best quarterback-receiver duo in the SEC and one of the best in the country.



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TFW you’ve run out of excuses

This is the sound of someone who’s grown tired of the bullshit ($$).

“We cannot justify why some students can transfer and others cannot without sitting out,” one ACC athletic director told The Athletic via text message on Monday. “It is also hard to reconcile coaches moving from school to school, although there is a buyout usually, while still trying to limit student transfers.”

It’s hard to keep defending the indefensible.  Now do NIL compensation.


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Throwing the gauntlet

This seems a wee bit dramatic.

The pressure is on Kirby Smart at Georgia more than ever with another recruiting title.

Farrell’s take: FACT. It’s time to start winning SEC and national titles, Georgia. History shows that the team dominating in recruiting always ends up winning a national title. From Texas to LSU to USC to Florida and to Alabama, the recruiting dynasties always break through for a national title. Now that Kirby Smart has won three-straight recruiting titles, it’s time to put that together on the field. He came a play away from winning it all, but that’s not enough.

So, what happens if he doesn’t win a natty this year, or even next year?  I suspect it’s much like Greg McGarity — as long as the money keeps rolling in at an obscene rate, Smart’s at Georgia as long as he wants to be.

That being said, I feel like patience will eventually be rewarded on the field.


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Your Daily Gator ♥ Tim Brewster.

Daddy, what does he mean when he says, “He’s one of those guys who will go above and beyond.“?

(As an aside, I do have to admit some curiosity as to what the effect of Florida adding Brewster and Georgia losing Coley is on South Florida recruiting.)


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No shame

There really is no excuse for this kind of non-conference scheduling.

More than half the SEC West is on that list.  I’m sure their fans are thrilled.


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