Stick to politics

This seems like one tortured analogy.

Screenshot_2020-02-18 Jeff Sessions on Twitter TTuberville realDonaldTrump TTuberville you can't stand with somebody if you[...]

Is Jeff Sessions confusing Tommy Tuberville with Paul Johnson?

It would be a lot funnier if he mocked Tubs for that mythical 2004 natty.  And it probably would sting a lot more, too.



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15 responses to “Stick to politics

  1. ASEF

    Tuberville as Georgia Tech? Not going to resonate in Alabama. Tuberville as Notre Dame? That would cut deep.


  2. The 984

    Auburn used to be known as Chop Block U before Johnson got to Tech.


  3. Muttley

    Metaphorically speaking, though, when someone is standing with you, (and you need at least one other guy), that’s the best time to chop block them.


  4. Butler Reynolds

    Perhaps targeting would be better than a chop block. On second thought, would it even do anything to such a small target?

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  5. The Dawg abides

    Does Tubberville actually have a platform besides “Hey, I used to coach at Auburn “?


    • Doug

      Don’t forget his courageous stand against Sharia law, which is about as relevant to the average American voter as whether they’re allowing school prayer on Neptune.


    • mycr0ft

      His campaign is selling reusable straws with his name on them so that you can help stand against the left’s war on single-use plastics by…[checks notes]…reusing straws?

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  6. Ben

    I’m living through this senate race in real life, and it’s worse than a circus act.

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  7. duronimo

    Short attention span theater … Sessions, a big supporter of Trump .. huh?


  8. Michael Broome

    Sessions knows the State of Alabama is 1/3rd AU and 2/3rd UA. He’s playing the percentages as a politician in a primary ought to play them.


  9. TimberRidgeDawg

    Waiting for Paul FInebaum to weigh in