Your Daily Gator ♥ Tim Brewster.

Daddy, what does he mean when he says, “He’s one of those guys who will go above and beyond.“?

(As an aside, I do have to admit some curiosity as to what the effect of Florida adding Brewster and Georgia losing Coley is on South Florida recruiting.)


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7 responses to “Your Daily Gator ♥ Tim Brewster.

  1. Russ

    I was glad to see Charlie Strong heading to Bama instead of Florida. I thought the Florida move was a done deal. I guess Charlie doesn’t like Lake Hartwell?

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    • The other Doug

      Bama is a better place to rebuild his image.


      • Whiskey Dawg

        Yes, the Saban Rehabilitation Center for Coaches excepts walk ins as well as emergency trauma transport (Butch Jones).


    • SpellDawg

      Same, I have a Noles friend who was all doom & gloom about Strong returning to UF, I shared some of his worry. I was very happy to read he might be on his way to Bama. Of course, he’ll probably be back as the DC in a year or two. Grantham gonna Grantham sooner or later…


  2. J-Dawg

    For all of UF’s bluster and adding a so-called recruiter the end results will remain the same. Kids want bling today, not antiquated facilities, an aging stadium and an ugly campus. UF’s recruiting will not improve until and if they get that signature win against us and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.


  3. Bulldog Joe

    Brewster was 15-30 at Minnesota, 6-21 in the Big Ten with two losses in the bowl.


  4. duronimo

    I think Brewster’s recruiting prowess will take a hit at UF because the Gator brand has lost much of its appeal. The opposite is true at UGA where Kirby directs an organization approach centering around making the UGA brand the main recruiter. As Pittman said, “It’s recruiting on steroids.”