“We’d like this to be resolved by the court, not in the press.”

Good luck with that, Michigan State.

A photograph and affidavit filed in federal court Tuesday purport to show former Michigan State recruiting coordinator Curtis Blackwell and then-head football coach Mark Dantonio in the home of a top recruit in 2015, evidence that contradicts Dantonio’s sworn testimony and is an apparent violation of NCAA rules…

The filing came hours after MSU officials acknowledged for the first time the university is investigating allegations of misconduct and is in contact with the NCAA and Big Ten conference.

How fortunate for him that Dantonio’s already pocketed that big bonus.


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8 responses to ““We’d like this to be resolved by the court, not in the press.”

  1. gastr1

    I love it when rat poison-hating, above-questioning coaches double down on their peerless integrity.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Guess that’s why they had to back up the Brinks truck to get Mel Tucker to come to East Lansing.


  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    So I scanned the article, and it seemed to me that Blackwell was suing for damages for wrongful termination. D’Antonio swore in a deposition filed in that case that Blackwell did not recruit off campus (or wasn’t authorized to do so by him) and then Blackwell’s attorneys produce the photo and the affidavit to show that oh-yes-he-did-recruit-off-campus. The problem to me is that Blackwell is admitting a violation by him (which I assume would be grounds for termination) in the same breath that he says D’Antonio lied. I can’t see how this works out for anyone involved. Mel Tucker might not be getting enough.

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  4. FlyingPeakDawg

    Go with the Photoshopped, fake news defense. Then settle quietly.


  5. Mayor

    Can you spell “clawback?”


  6. ASEF

    There’s “shake the tree and see what falls out,” and then there’s “fire bomb the tree and see what lands 500 feet away.”

    Blackwell’s lawyers have to be working on contingency here. What’s their end game? Force a settlement and then tell the NCAA to go away?