If music be the food of non-compliance…

Let’s give it up for Pittsburgh, which has managed to pull off the neat twofer of having a former men’s basketball head coach and current football head coach hit with show cause orders in the same NCAA announcement.  Well done, Panthers.

Here’s what Narduzzi was up to:

According to the agreement, the head football coach instructed or was present at the practice facility when three former quality control staff members performed coaching duties, resulting in the program exceeding the allowable number of permissible coaches. The university conducted adequate spot checks of the program, but the agreement said the violations were undetected in part due to the program’s practice of playing music to indicate when outside parties were present at the practice facility. Football quality control staff members reported that they would make sure they were not near student-athletes when hearing the music.

Well, that’s one way to play on.


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9 responses to “If music be the food of non-compliance…

  1. ValDawgsta

    Bet they played “Get back to where you once belonged”
    Sorry, I had to.


  2. The Dawg abides



  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Ho. Lee. Chit.

    Gomer just did his ‘hoot owl’ call to let folks to know Andy was coming so they could hide and yell “Surprise!” when he got there. Gomer should have had a boom box. 😉
    Also, was this coaching going on during approved times or were the players getting time-and-a-half overtime? I keed, I keed.

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  4. Rival

    Hooty hoo! Hooty hoo!


  5. Doug

    So wait—he needed all those extra coaches just to go 0–18 in the ACC?

    If you ever needed an object lesson in “quantity vs. quality,” folks, there you go.


  6. Gaskilldawg

    Kevin Stallings had a good record at Vanderbilt. I was surprised he left Vandy.
    He must be an ass.