Another day in Pac-12 paradise

As if it weren’t already bad enough watching a middling Michigan State program poach its head coach, Colorado can’t even outbid Nick Saban for Steve Sarkisian’s services.

Steve Sarkisian has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Colorado head-coaching job and instead plans to remain at Alabama as offensive coordinator, sources told ESPN.

Sarkisian, the former USC and Washington head coach, had emerged as Colorado’s top target after interviewing for the job on Wednesday, according to sources, but informed Alabama coach Nick Saban on Thursday that he intended to stay in Tuscaloosa and is expected to receive a raise that will make him one of the highest paid coordinators in college football.

When you can’t make it financially worthwhile for a coordinator to take a step up at a P5 school, you got some real problems.


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26 responses to “Another day in Pac-12 paradise

  1. The other Doug

    I can see a day on the horizon where UGA and Bama pay their OC and DC $3 million a year and analysts $1 million a year. I’m sure Larry Scott has a plan….


  2. Mick Jagger

    Rush Probst is available……..


  3. Go Dawgs!

    Does Colorado seriously not have any wealthy and football-crazy alumni? This is ridiculous. It can only be a consideration of money, because I can’t imagine choosing to live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and working for Nick Saban over living in Boulder and working mostly for myself. I went to CU when we played out there in ’09 and it’s a marvelous place.

    Then again, it’s such a great city and region that I can see how the mega rich booster people would simply have too much else to do besides worry about the football program out there.


    • Harold Miller

      They’re fan base is lame.


    • ASEF

      Two words: Larry Scott

      Colorado doesn’t have enough super rich people to make up the difference in a SEC dividend check and a P12 dividend check.

      Those TV rights deals are magnets. The SEC and B1G have industrial grade electro-magnets. The P12 has a Walmart fridge Smiley Face magnet.

      They’re losing players and coaches left and right.

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  4. Whiskey Dawg

    Maybe Colorado can’t afford Sark but Saban has Butch Jones on sale.


  5. TimberRidgeDawg

    Last time Sark was a HC, he crashed and burned in a Fireball inferno. Maybe his quality of life is better without the pressure to win on a low budget and stay behind the scenes of the Nick Saban show. Maybe Butch brings him coffee also.


  6. Mayor

    Is it really a financial issue at CU Senator? The place is a graveyard. Look at what happened to the coaches who were HC there before. Mel Tucker saw the handwriting on the wall and got the hell out of there after one season. He managed to escape with his career still intact. Others have not been so lucky.


  7. Mick Jagger

    They have cool mascot, Ralphie..

    Let the “Christmas Story” gags begin. I said ‘oh, fudge’.

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  8. FlyingPeakDawg

    This moves Troy Calhoun, HC at Air Force Academy, up on the list of now 2 potential hires. Would he bring his Triple Option attack to the Pac12? MIght be very effective against all of the faux Air Raid schemes. He beat CU and the fighting Bobo’s last Fall.