Nice work if you can get it

Booch is now listed in Alabama’s online staff directory as “Special Assistant to Head Coach.”

Pretty fancy title for “go pick up my dry cleaning now, aight?”.

Of course, when Tennessee is cutting you a sweet $200k check every month for the next year, you can live with being a gofer.


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  1. Faltering Memory

    One cup of joe at a time.


  2. The Booch to Bama deal cracks me up every time I think about it.
    “Booch, run by the house. Mama says the litter box is starting to smell.” On the way to La Casa de Saban Booch dials up an old friend….
    “Phil! My man! Hey, I gotta do something for Nicky right quick. Can I stop by in an hour or so and pick up the check?”
    Actually it’s probably more like Booch and Saban are friends and together are giving a great big Johnny Cash finger to Fat Phil and the vowels. Either way it makes me smile…


  3. Navin Johnson

    Assistant TO the branch manager.


    • NMDawg

      Too bad Lane Kiffin isn’t still in the building, since he seems like the type to encase Booch’s stapler in Jell-o.


    • NMDawg

      Too bad Lane Kiffin isn’t still in the building. He seems like the type who would encase Booch’s stapler in Jell-o.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    Now that Colorado has struck out with Sarkisian, maybe they’ll give Booch a call. They can just cut him a $500,000 check this year or something and let UT pay the rest until he’s off the books. Good financial deal for them, and he gives a great speech.


  5. FisheriesDawg

    I think there is money in the concept for the SEC Network. Bring in Larry David to write and produce a series about a Saban type (would be played by Alec Baldwin, but he’s way too tall) playing the straight man as an asshole head coach with a bunch of former head coach assistants who are always getting into hijinks trying to please the boss and longing wistfully for the days when they used to be in charge. The Butch character can be played by Kevin James, while Charlie Sheen is the Sark character. Every now and then Mark Paul Gosselar will make a cameo as
    Kiffin while he’s between jobs. David can play the inept AD who is always trying to keep the head coach happy while juggling boosters and University administrators.

    And, make no mistake, this is a comedy. Part Death of Stalin, part The Internship, part The Devil Wears Prada (but for dudes).


  6. Mick Jagger

    2 Sinatra references in 1 day! Nice work, Senator!

    Could I suggest “Something Stupid” for the next Gator post?


  7. Uglydawg

    I’ve posted this a couple of times before, so forgive me…but one of the greatest trolling ideas of all time (IMHO) was posted on GTP a couple of years ago when it was suggested by someone that Saban should let Booch coach the second half of a blow-out against UT in Knoxville.
    The cameras could pan on Nick sitting in the stands among the ‘Bama faithful, eating popcorn while Jones walked the sidelines coaching the Tide.
    Then the cameras could pan to Phil (LOL..what a thought!) and all the Juniors and Lulus reactions as they realized how utterly burnt out the Tennessee dumpster is.

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  8. Senator, there are two “o’s” in goofer…


  9. Mayor

    Anything that rubs salt into UT wounds is all right with me. ☺️