Fence building

By the way, that “best hire of the offseason” was interviewed a day or two ago and announced a challenge.

The hosts on Stadium and Gale pressed Brewster specifically on the challenge of catching up to Georgia and Kirby Smart, who is fresh off landing the No. 1 class in the nation.

“Georgia is Georgia, Kirby’s done a good job,” Brewster said. “But what we’ve got to do is we’ve got to put stakes in the ground. That fence has got to go up. And Kirby’s got to understand that the state of Georgia is the state of Georgia, OK? And we recruit the state of Georgia, we’re going to get some really good players from Georgia, but we need to make sure that he understands we’re going to fight him tooth and nail for the greatest resource in the state of Florida, and that’s the high school kids here. And just make sure that he understands and send that message on a daily basis, that we’re here and we’re going to protect our own.”

Brewster certainly sounds excited about the prospect of building something special in Gainesville. He credited Mullen with already starting that prospect.

Now he’s here to help make sure it becomes a reality.

Here’s some more reality.


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8 responses to “Fence building

  1. Anonymous

    Brewster can’t build a wall, there are too many good players in Fla. for that. But he can make our lives a lot harder and flip some key prospects. Wonder how well he’ll do if it comes down to Mullen needing to help close the deal. He can’t recruit all of the prospects we’re after. And if he starts beating Hartley (who I guess now has the most Fla connections on the staff?) for elite players, Kirby may just hire him!

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  2. W Cobb Dawg

    So Mullen has retired to Lake Oconee for the off season and left Brewster in charge?


  3. Tony Barnfart

    All i know is that if we get the offense figured out, and kirby can feel comfortable stepping away from it, it’s lights out for everybody else. Recruiting and on-field.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    Ah, yes, Tim Brewster. Author of such great football and recruiting triumphs as…

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  5. Yurdle

    The one thing you can be certain won’t happen next year is whatever the gator staff guarantees will happen.


  6. Chi-town Dawg

    He should set his sights first on stopping Georgia Tech from stealing their recruits on NSD.

    I guess when things aren’t going your way on the field (0-3), there’s always off the field smack talk…


  7. RC

    This dude has no idea what he just signed on for.


  8. duronimo

    What Kirby “needs to understand,” he already does. It’s apples vs oranges in the method of recruiting. Cousin’ Eddie (with bad posture) hires a super recruiter, but it’s yesterday’s band-aid. Kirby is following an observable business plan. He’s building the Georgia brand into the ultimate recruiter. If you are an elite athlete, the “G” is where you play. In1963, it took a great salesman to sell a Ford Falcon. But a 1963 Thunderbird Convertible sold itself.