TFW it’s just another year in Athens

Shockingly, Bud Elliott’s list of coaches facing pivotal years (“a list of coaches for whom the 2020 season could be pivotal in their tenure at their current schools, and thus their career”) doesn’t include Kirby Smart’s name.

How can that be?  Somebody needs to catch up on their message board reading.


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3 responses to “TFW it’s just another year in Athens

  1. FlyingPeakDawg

    It’s a fair list and Kirby’s NOT on it for a reason. To have the type of dominating, suffocating defense we expect to have this season is really, really,…REALLY…hard to accomplish. But baring injuries, if we lose to Bama and sleepwalk through either UT, USCe or (gulp!) the gators, does Kirbs go on the list next season? If we are supposed to be a top 4 team but keep missing the playoffs with #1 talent you can be sure the national media pundits will start posing the question.


  2. Macallanlover

    It isn’t a make or break year for Kirby by any definition I can think of. He has done very well, in several areas, and has a built in excuse for this year given the departures on offense, and the staff turnover. He may not need it, but he has enough equity built up that it would take a losing season to get the seat warm enough to be a serious discussion point, and probably not even that hot. Sure, you will have UGA fans grumbling if they beat Bama by 3 TDs in the SECCG, but no one pays attention to that built in level of dissatisfaction.

    What was odd to me in Elliot’s article is how he went through an entire dissection of Boom’s issue, whittled down to offensive woes without one, single mention of new OC Bobo. How is that even possible? It is why he has Boom on this list and his only comment is a prediction that this will be “another boring offense” from Muschamp. From Muschamp? Does he think Boom has hired a new coordinator for the most significant area of the team, in terms of need, and the defensive mind will be the offensive guy? I get tht KS gets blame for too much say at UGA, but he has never been in Boom’s position of failing to achieve (for the 2nd time as a HC), and this is a trusted friend with a background of offensive success. And he got not even one mention. Bobo will have a lot to say about whether this year saves Muschamp’s job; I would say he has virtually all the say on offense.


  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “Sure, you will have UGA fans grumbling if they beat Bama by 3 TDs in the SECCG…”

    Surely that is a typo. I don’t think any of us would grumble about that. 🙂

    Tom Herman on the list? Wasn’t he one of the guys that folks on these wanted instead of Kirby? Hasn’t he got unlimited financial resources at Texas?

    Derek Mason? I don’t see him getting fired. I mean, it is Vanderbilt. Who are you going to get that is better?

    And I hope Bobo cures enough of South Carolina’s offensive woes to keep Agent Muschamp in place. 😉