I have not come to bury Tim Brewster…

… but to give him some credit for knowing what matters.

Don’t get me wrong.  I still want Kirby to smoke his ass on the recruiting trail.  But I’d sure rather hear that than some sort of quasi-Paul Johnson “bigger fish to fry” BS.

Welcome to the Cocktail Party, my man.


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18 responses to “I have not come to bury Tim Brewster…

  1. Rampdawg

    Fuck him!!!


  2. Said this yesterday elsewhere, but most of the time bulletin board material is usually for the players, but this clown has just given one of the most driven (and best) recruiters in the country bulletin board material of his own. Good luck with that Timmy boy.


  3. Russ

    Well, I’ll enjoy the salt of his tears as well come Cocktail Party time.


  4. kalamazoodawg

    At least Spurrier backed it up. What are these clowns down there puffing out their chests about?


    • Cojones

      Let’em puff. A slow deflation is worth money in betting circles since their words help drive perception and can influence the point spread. Make your bet with dumbasses like this and all will be well.


      • Dawgflan

        Exactly. Florida is like a blackjack player on tilt, disregarding the stats and realtities at play. Go ahead, we say, increase that wager and hit on 17 – you only busted by a few last hand, I’m sure your luck will turn…


  5. Sorry, Tim, if I’m not shaking in my shoes about recruiting the state of Florida. You still work for Dopey/Sideshow/Portal Master Dan.


    PS – Is Mullet on the golf course at Reynolds yet? I need to go beat his @$$ there, too.


  6. practicaldawg

    Rent free


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Tim, while you were saying this Kirby & Co were recruiting a dozen players in your back yard. I guess that reality hasn’t sunk in yet.


  8. Two items of concern, should the new rc @ fu be serious about the FU fence building program….1) CKS uses jet propulsion for travel and Kirby copters for landing zone crootin’ (fence don’t bother him)..2) according to his past history, the stay at FU will be 1 year, 2 at the outside, so construct that fence with a gate and please, don’t let the door handle hit you in the ass on your way out of here…Good luck with recruiting the student athletes FU requires to have frequent run ins with the local LAW…!



  9. Spike

    Well.. now he’s got me mad at him.. so there’s that..


  10. Al

    As the sign says, “Welcome. We’re glad Georgia’s on your mind.”

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  11. Don’t let your mouth write a check your ass can’t check big boy.


  12. Comin' Down The Track

    My question is, if the Gators can remember our 1980 Championship, why do they think football started in 1990?

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  13. Sports Fan

    Said the same thing on the Dawgvent earlier. Fuck him, of course, but I’m glad he’s stoking the fire of the rivalry. Plus, uninformed trash talk and trolling is what makes CFB great!

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  14. BuffaloSpringfield

    Well in all honesty they are suppose to have Zach Evans in on March 20th. Evans has his eyes set on A and M, Ole Miss. UTk and LSU ( but not so much from the Tigers ) The kids a talent which can spin some things around. Sounds like Cousin Eddie’s and Brewer doin’ a take on Corch’s getting the band back together again.


  15. Cojones

    Hey! I like a kid who can play his heart out and talk the talk as well. His play against us matches his heart for the game. If his shit starts catching on, we could have our hands full from overachieving 3*s at FU. Coaching doesn’t have much to do with purpose in front of a standard that this kid flies. I’m going to watch his progress next season to see if his moxie is catching on with other team members. He is the type competitor who can enlist new bodies for the J’ville war and personally account for an uplift in that team spirit as well as their recruiting.

    It ain’t sales puffery if you are delivering the goods.