Is Jamie Newman simply Jake Fromm with better legs?

Wait a minute.

What’s new: Jamie Newman is new, really new. Not only is he a different guy behind center, but he’s a very different player. There are some similarities between Jake Fromm and Newman as passers. Both can throw the ball to the middle of the field effectively but they thrive when throwing the ball to the outside. Newman is at his best downfield when he’s throwing the ball to the outside and that was Fromm’s strength, too. Both also prefer big receiving targets on the outside, but who doesn’t?

That’s pretty much where it ends. While Fromm was very much a pocket passer, Newman is a guy who can keep teams honest with his feet. He’s not the kind of guy who is going to air it out all over the yard and force teams to keep two safeties back. In fact, his legs will force teams to keep an extra man in the box to try and account for him. That won’t be new for the Bulldogs because they’ve seen loaded boxes for four years now due to the talent at tailback. Newman gives UGA a powerful runner who can really hurt defenses with the designed runs and scrambles.  [Emphasis added.]

I thought all the pundits who are high on Newman have stressed that he’s got a big arm and likes to throw it downfield.  Now we’re being told his skill set is going to encourage more of the same scheming we’ve seen from opposing defensive coordinators that’s driven us crazy for the past three years?  Hunh?

I’m not being snarky here.  I’m genuinely confused.  What’s the story?


UPDATE:  For what it’s worth, Newman is now third in the odds to win the Heisman Trophy, according to William Hill Sportsbook.


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31 responses to “Is Jamie Newman simply Jake Fromm with better legs?

  1. WH

    Prediction: Defenses aren’t going to change what they’re doing against Georgia until it actually stops working. That will require a viable passing game to punish loaded boxes, which is ostensibly why Smart hired Monken.

    Georgia will still be a team that wants to RTDB, of course. So, let’s say the revamped staff puts together a viable (dare I hope, dynamic) passing attack only for Kirby to swallow the ball once a sufficient lead is established?

    I mean, I hope I’m wrong, but would you be shocked if the 2020 offense is just Manball With Extra Steps™?


    • MGW

      Yes. Based on the new hires and Jamie Newman’s transfer, that would be utterly shocking; a completely illogical result based on what we’ve seen this offseason.


  2. CO Dawg

    That’s one way to think about it. Honestly though, of the powerhouses in the SEC, who doesn’t play some brand of single safety, press-man underneath as a base structure for defending the run and pass concurrently? Most modern defensive alignments involve getting a lot of players near the line of scrimmage and then moving to your spots (or guarding your man). I guess what I’m trying to say is, “well duh. How else would you defend RPO’s and vertical passing threats.”


  3. dawgtired

    Well that muddies the water. And, what about all the talk about Monken being the passing game guru? I would never expect a UGA team under Kirby to abandon a run-heavy offense but with what I’ve been reading, I expected the passing game to get to a level that, at least helps the run game, if not equals it.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    They loaded the box because we wouldn’t pass to make defenses pay. It’s no reflection on Fromm’s abilities, or the rest of the talented lineup we put on the field.

    You can play it safe and watch the championship from the comfort of your living room, or go all out and win like LSU.


  5. MGW

    When Kirby doesn’t talk, people’s imaginations run wild.

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  6. practicaldawg

    Yeah most of the film I’ve seen on Newman alternates between deep balls and big runs. It’s the intermediate passing game that’s up in the air (bad pun). Hence, Newman and Fromm could not be more different, IMO. Then when you consider the scheme will be anywhere from adjusted slightly to radically adjusted by Monken, it’s going to be impossible to make real comparisons between the two.


  7. TXBaller

    Carson Beck simply smiles 🙂


  8. ASEF

    The chess match will start there. I doubt it ends there.

    Contain the run game, bracket Pickens with your deep guy, and challenge the offense to show what else they got.


  9. Will (the other one)

    PFF, which I think charts more passes better than 24/7 says he’s a great deep ball passer, I’m sticking with that. And while Kirby hasn’t said much, he stressed explosive plays and points as what he wants more of from the offense. Given that I don’t seem them wanting to go full air-raid I wonder if what Monken is cooking up resembles some of the stuff Baylor did under Briles: 25+ pass attempts/game but rarely much over 35, lots of deep shots, especially off play-action looks, using the deep pass to clear room for more explosive run plays, scheming the slot guy against obvious mismatches, etc.


  10. Well the hope, at least for me it is, is that Monken gets guys open in other ways than hoping our guy can beat their guy. If that happens, it won’t matter as much if it’s downfield, boundary, or middle of the field. Hopefully we’ll be throwing, in stride, to guys who are more open which should create a little more of the homerun/explosive effect we are looking for.


  11. But when the QB can run, you’re picking up an extra man.


  12. spur21

    Trask 50 – 1 to win the Heisman and our potential starter 10 – 1 is all I care about today. Suck it Gators.

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  13. truckin

    Who cares about the Heisman? Hershel won it in 83 but we won the big one in 80. My point is a good combination of new QB, Coordinator and 4 lineman ,can be a nightmare for teams. I’m looking forward to it.


    • spur21

      I actually couldn’t care less about the Heisman. My point – which you obviously missed – was a jab at the Gators and their QB who according to them is almost guaranteed to win the Heisman as he leads them to an undefeated season capped with a natty.


      • Will (the other one)

        They’ve gone a full decade without a QB even averaging 250 passing yds/game, so what counts as good has to be a little skewed to their eyes by this point.


  14. Dawg in Austin

    What Newman’s skill set does is force a conflict at safety/nickel. Do you protect the deep thirds or spy/support the run? It’s the same defense but one that will have to defend the scramble and QB keepers. The conflict is what makes UGA potentially more difficult to defend next year.

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  15. JasonC

    One thing that I feel the comparison doesn’t address is that according to 247 citing in a different article is that Fromm was considered to have very advanced capability of reading defenses.
    It would be interesting to get a take on that as well for Newman.


  16. Godawg

    No pressure Jamie but…


  17. BuffaloSpringfield

    Well Jake was hoping for a 4.8 or a 4.9 40 time but ran both over 5 so there is that. Seeing Jake in high school and even as a freshman he had some impressive runs but slowly Man Ball came and the receivers went.
    Also SEC D linemen can run some 5+ 40’s so there’s that also. So maybe Kirby yin’s not as stubborn as we perceive but actually studies film every day.


  18. FlyingPeakDawg

    Run the damn bomb!


  19. chopdawg

    Newman will be a threat to keep the ball on those RPO’s, something Jake either wouldn’t do or was told not to do.


  20. Go Dawgs!

    … just here to say that I’d happily take Jake Fromm with better legs this season.