Is Kirby Smart history’s greatest monster?

I see we’re recycling one of Tuscaloosa’s greatest hits.

“It feels very calculated by Kirby Smart,” Suttles says. “It’s not the first time he’s done subterfuge with Alabama. He famously took a picture of their recruiting board when he left Alabama to work for Georgia and sent it to recruits to show them, hey, you’re not that high on Alabama’s recruiting board.”

Suttles mentioned how Alabama is in the middle of its Fourth Quarter program of offseason training, which was led by Cochran. He also noted how spring practices start soon.

You know, it’s hard to believe.  After all, Kirby had a reputation for being one of the gentler souls on the recruiting trail when he worked the ‘Bama beat.  It’s got to be a real shock for them to see such a different personality emerge once Nick stopped making him play nice.

Football recruiting, like politics, ain’t beanbag.  Then again, I suspect the pearl clutchers already know that.


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38 responses to “Is Kirby Smart history’s greatest monster?

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    It would be so much easier to do my Snidely Whiplash laugh if we’d just beat them. Rings kinda hollow for now.

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  2. JN

    The best part about this is that Bammer’s have to concede that Saban was lying to recruits for this to be true.


  3. The coaching transfer portal is always open. He waited until after signing day. What else do they want?

    Kirby didn’t become ruthless when he left Tuscaloosa. If they are so upset at Saban’s Monster, they can give back the titles he helped them win out of principle.


  4. sniffer

    No one calls this buffoon on his claim about the recruiting board. I’ve heard this from Bamastanians since Kirby left and no one knows the source. What makes the claim ludicrous is that Kirby basically built that board and wouldn’t have needed to photograph it. Someone saw Kirby by a grassy knoll, I guess.

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    • Macallanlover

      This is the way I have always felt. It is all you need to say to disarm any discussion of Kirby, allegedly, taking a photo of that year’s targets. Who seriously thinks he needed help remembering the key players in that class? Mind blowing lack of clear thinking. And where is there photo of him taking that photo? Should we just take a Bama message board rumor, or Tide staff analyst’s word on this? Can’t understand how this Urban Myth silliness stays around for over 4 years.


      • DawgByte

        I agree. It’s a ludicrous charge.

        All this outrage towards Kirby stems from a rise in competitiveness in our program. We’ve had them on the ropes two straight games, but couldn’t finish them off. They see Saban’s age and wonder if chinks are emerging in their armor. The thought of being dethroned in the SEC scares them.


    • addr

      And if this actually happened, I would think any of the recruiting beat writers could’ve gotten some kind of verbal confirmation on this from recruits (especially the ones that didn’t sign with UGA) and reported something to the extent of ‘we’ve heard multiple recruits…’ But nope, this went from Alabama message board to accepted fact, apparently.

      Even if it were true, it seems like a stupid recruiting tactic. I could only imagine the conversation would go something like:

      “Hey Joe Recruit, look, you’re fourth on Bama’s board!”

      “But Kirby, as an integral part of Bama’s recruiting aren’t you also at least partly responsible for ranking me fourth?”

      “Uh, naw, I told everyone you’re number 1.”

      “… OK”


  5. ASEF

    I would never take a picture walking out the door of a former employer and use that to try to steal accounts. It’s a shitty thing to do. We laud Pittman’s class for the way he handled recruits after he left. We can admit Kirby blew that one.


  6. Stuff like this is what makes everyone else hate Bammers. As Elsa would say to them,


  7. dawgtired

    Kirby’s work ethic is second to none. I believe this is the characteristic that will eventually get him that NC. When needs arise, he leaves no stone unturned. I don’t think it is as much a ruthless intent as it is attention to detail in the needs he desires. The ruthless part is just the byproduct. He saw a need, saw what he wanted, then put in the energy to make it happen.
    The CEO coaching maturity will come and it doesn’t even have to be perfect to win the NC when you have the talent he is amassing.


  8. Mick Jagger

    Love, war, recruiting, dealing with Keith, all ruthless and sometimes ugly.

    Wish I knew how to post the wonderful song “Ruthless People”….


  9. Bigshot

    Why should Bama care if Kirby took a picture of the recruiting board? Did they have something to hide? Were they lying to the recruits?


  10. practicaldawg

    This narrative of how Kirby sent in a navy seal unit to abduct Cochran at gun point in Tuscaloosa is hilarious. Never mind the actual journalism reports that have Saban on record saying that Cochran had been wanting an on-field role for a while and it simply wasn’t available at Alabama. Kirby and Cochran are very close. Was Kirby supposed to seek martyrdom by turning him away from UGA?


  11. Russ

    If Cochran flamed out as STC, it would still be worth the deal just to watch the Gumps lose their shit over Kirby taking him.


  12. The Dawg abides

    These pictures of the recruiting board that were supposedly sent out to recruits have never surfaced anywhere on social media. But we all know how kids like to keep their recruitment private and never post anything on their social media accounts. What’s more impressive is that Kirby was able to keep even the kids that stuck with Bama from revealing the clandestine pictures.

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  13. stoopnagle

    Ha ha. FUCK BAMA.


    • And the sheep they cuddle with on those cold nights when their cousins got locked in their trailers for safe keeping….crootin’ is the life blood of your program (no matter the sport),kirbs has a way/style/process for which business is conducted in the home and on the field…business niceties talk is all good till it comes to signing on the dotted line


  14. Whiskey Dawg

    I’ve really enjoyed reading the comments on the Bama boards over Scott Cochran. Best mass melt down of a fan base since Kiffy drove out of Knoxville in the middle of the night. The notion Kirby “stole” Cochran as if he’s a Tiffany lamp is preposterous. Cochran wanted to advance his coaching career and Nick wasn’t willing and/or able to give him a shot and he got tired of waiting. Blame Nick for not taking the steps to keep him; don’t blame Kirby for giving him the chance he wanted. That feeling that Kirby was calculated is nothing more than regret and Dawg paranoia. It’s okay to be a monster as long as you’re a Bama monster.


  15. Dawg19

    Bama fans…we don’t care what you say about Kirby…just make sure you get the name right.


  16. J W

    Can someone please source this story? I’ve never once scene a source for this story other than internet trolls