“It was not malicious.”

Jeez, this is some clarification.

USC athletic director Mike Bohn attempted to clarify Thursday his assertion that “everything is on the table” in terms of the Trojans’ future conference affiliation…

When asked by USCFootball.com’s Ryan Abraham this week if he would consider football going independent or joining another conference, Bohn said, “I think right now, Larry would agree with this, everything is on the table.”

Larry Scott is the Pac-12 commissioner.

“The answer is no,” Bohn said when contacted by CBS Sports on Thursday. “Why would we do that? We’ve got 21 sports here. You know the drill. There would be no way for us to do that.

“Now, that being said, if the unexpected happened and NBC said, ‘Hey we want to partner you guys with Notre Dame’ … then that’s different.'”

I think he just asked for a date, NBC.


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22 responses to ““It was not malicious.”

  1. Sooo..
    How much would the perennial CFB kickoff matchup between USC and the Irish be worth?
    Or do we get two media darlings in the playoffs? I wouldn’t think this option works with a 4 team playoff, but if it expands to an 8 team …


  2. Mayor

    So…..everything is for sale if the price is right. Fight On!!


  3. ASEF

    What’s not to love about a conference whose media rights lag the rest of the field by a substantial margin? And whose officiating is regularly embroiled in national controversy?

    USC could do this pretty easily. And so could NBC.

    Which means USC just told the rest of the conference, “It’s Larry or us.”

    This will be fun to watch.


  4. DawgPhan

    The pac 12 is going to cripple USC and they know it. They are not getting their value from the tv contracts while sharing what they do get with Utah and Colorado.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    Sounds like Mike Bohn needs to get outside of Los Angeles County more. Somebody’s operating with a VERY exaggerated view of Southern Cal’s place in the sports landscape if he thinks they’ve got the same national following that would support the kind of TV deal and independent arrangement that Notre Dame has.


    • JCDawg83

      ^^this^^ The national interest in USC is probably about the same as the national interest in Nebraska. Both are programs with a storied past who haven’t done much lately.


      • Russ


        If they’re so big, what’s stopping them from forming a “Trojan Network”? I mean, the Long(w)hor(e)n Network has been such an overwhelming success.


      • Otto

        Nebraska is a bad example. LA alone has far more people than Nebraska.

        I file this under: everything new is old and everything old is new.

        Point in case, the SEC was formed out of the large Southern Conference, and then the ACC was. GT and and South Carolina went on their own.

        I could see USC joining up with Texas, Oklahoma, and the all lucky name brand teams of the Big12 and PAC with possibly BYU going along for the ride in a new conference.

        If USC strikes it out on their own, I could see UCLA, Stanford etc getting more $$$ to play out of conference games if NBC steps up. The PAC teams unlike Texas/A&M aren’t raking in the $$$ enabling a grudge.

        My wager is it is saber rattling, we’ll see. It is winter and an interesting topic to kill the time.


    • The Truth

      Unless they’re the team of choice for all the Scientologists across the land.


    • Union Jack

      Not nearly as much national appeal – but if NBCand/or NBCSportsNetwork wanted to extend their college football coverage without picking up an entire conference luring USC away from the Pac-12 makes a lot of sense.

      Plus NBC only airs Notre Dame home games so there are a few weeks where they don’t have top level college football programming. NBCSports college football schedule post EPL is not great. It’s usually counterprogramming against college football (rugby, auto racing etc)

      USC is the biggest name in that time zone and while the national brand is not as prominent now, it has historically been a blueblood. Both Notre Dame and USC are prominent that they each could put together a solid watchable home schedule even sprinkled with two-four marquee games (UGA, Bama, Oklahoma, Texas, OSU, Mich etc)

      If each team has 6-7 home games with one against each other & the schedules were structured correctly,NBC could get 10+ weeks of college football during the season as a opposed to the 7 or so it has now. Put Notre Dame/USC either as the kickoff or on conference championship weekend – it would be much less expensive for NBC than a Power 5 conference deal and definitely more lucrative for USC compared to their Pac-12 deal.


  6. Chi-town Dawg

    Maybe then more people in Montana would recognize the Song birds, Song ladies or whatever they’re called. The bad news is we’d have to hear that God awful fight song a lot more often.


    • PTC DAWG

      Well, you obviously know the name of the dance troupe….


    • tiredofidsearch

      I love that fight song ! 😁
      Notre Dame hates it. Been to some USC/ND games in south bend and its like fingernails on chalkboard when they play it (and they play it often, not as much as rocky flop though. That’s the one I hate).


  7. J-Dawg

    Who f***ing cares!


  8. FlyingPeakDawg

    Pac12…Boise St. is on line 1 asking about a possible opening?


  9. Tony Barnfart

    They should have called NBC the morning after the Bush-Push in 2005. Then they’d be in the catbird seat they want. Now, nobody gives AF. And from a fan buy-in standpoint, LA is about as sorry as it gets. (yet they always either have 2 football teams or zero. WTF?)