“We need to rep ‘em.”

Uh, this doesn’t sound optimal ($$).

The Gamecocks only have three scholarship running backs on the roster this spring: Lloyd and sophomores Kevin Harris and Deshaun Fenwick. All three are underclassmen with fewer than 50 career carries.

Combine that with Bobo’s intention to have his quarterback operate more from under center as well as SC having a new running backs coach and I’m thinking blitz pickups have the potential to be a real challenge for the ‘Cocks offense this season.


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15 responses to ““We need to rep ‘em.”

  1. Mayor

    Portal anyone?


  2. Faltering Memory

    Chicken wing blocks.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    I didn’t watch a lot of Colorado State football and I don’t know what the move back under center will do to Bobo’s offense, but I remember that pass blocking was a real challenge for our backs in his offense at Georgia. Very interesting… just another reason I hate the scrambled schedule that won’t give Georgia the shot to ruin their season in the 2nd week before they get things figured out.


  4. J-Dawg

    Bobo better not commit a “boo-boo”.


  5. 3rdandGrantham

    Speaking of SCU and not being optimal, check out what DL Having Kinlaw had to say about the coaching he received during his playing days there…



    • Sides

      I am pretty sure he didn’t play football until late in his high school career and then he had to go to juco. He has a crazy family story. He is a freak athlete but has only been coached for a few seasons.


  6. Mick Jagger

    Bobo will be interim head coach before they play us.

    Nobody decent will want the job and he becomes an SEC coach (with accompanying salary) by default.


  7. Otto

    Sounds like the roster and Muschamp’s seat warmth won’t give Bobo the time he needs to have any shot of turning it around.

    I am glad Smart is changing to improve the offense but, I think man ball had more of a chance if he went under center and had a couple of FBs to run an I formation. I don’t think running out of shotgun without using the QB as a rusher stand much of a chance of winning national title currently. I think an I formation might be counter cultural enough to run through defenses built light and fast for the spread.

    It would be ironic if an OC I wanted out of Athens and still don’t want prove the theory correct.d


  8. practicaldawg

    The only uncertainty is exactly when Bobo is named HC there in the next 18 months.