“They can’t wait until 2022 to make a decision on Larry.’’

This ought to be fun.

Campus official across the Pac-12 have begun discussing the future of commissioner Larry Scott and believe a decision on his contract could come by the end of this year, if not sooner, according to conference sources.

Scott’s deal expires in two years, but the window is somewhat condensed, sources said, by the timing of the Pac-12’s media rights agreements.

Although the deals with ESPN and Fox run into the spring of 2024, formal negotiations likely would commence 18-21 months earlier, in the fall of 2022 — or just after Scott’s current contract expires.

And the Pac-12’s strategy, according to sources with experience in media deals, would have to be mapped out well in advance of the fall of 2022.

With that convergence of events, a contract extension would position Scott to lead the media rights negotiations that one source called “the most critical thing in the history of the conference.”

Anyone think that’s gonna end well?



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7 responses to ““They can’t wait until 2022 to make a decision on Larry.’’

  1. Gaskilldawg

    No, I do not. Unlike most on this board I believe that the Pac 12 conference does have a lot going for it. It’s problem is poor leadership at the top . “Thinking outside of the box” is great when the fresh ideas make sense. It is a poor plan when the outside the box thought has no evidentiary foundation for it.


  2. Macallanlover

    Someone needs to take a look at everyone involved in the decision to still have him on board. Here is a guy that is the butt of jokes nationally, has put no meaningful points on the board, while the league has accomplished zero in the two primary revenue sports. Afraid they have already missed this bus, even the top recruits are bolting for more high profile schools in droves. I don’t ever recall this many of the elite targets coming as far east as they have in the past 3+ years. That is a serious geography leap just to make up for lack of exposure and playing on the biggest stages, and there really isn’t much left to blame other than conference ineptness. Pulling the trigger on Scott is at least 3 years late, imo.


  3. Chi-town Dawg

    I’d be willing to get they extend his contract and go all in on the programming content negotiations. However, I don’t think those negotiations will end nearly as well as Scott and the PAC12 believe. ESPN and Fox will make their priorities protecting their SEC, BIG10 and ACC investments. The PAC12 will get pennies on the dollar for every sport except football and basketball, so who cares if they own those content rights entirely. I believe the revenue gap between the haves and the have nots will continue to widen with the PAC12 falling further behind putting even more pressure on USC, Oregon, Stanford and UCLA to act in their own best interests.


  4. Mayor

    They need to fire Ole Larry and get the new guy in place ASAP.


  5. Doug

    I’ll bet they extend his contract. Incompetence like Scott’s has a way of being rewarded, from football programs at every level to Fortune 500 corporations.