I know, I know.

Sure, take this with a grain of salt…

… but don’t be afraid to irritate your Gator buddies with it.



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14 responses to “I know, I know.

  1. Russ

    I just hope Jamie Newman isn’t mentioned in the same group as John Brantley and Jeremy Johnson.


  2. Mayor

    But…but…but Trask is gonna win the Heisman!!!


  3. Go Dawgs!

    If we’re all being honest here, I am not worried at all about Kyle Trask because I don’t think he’s still going to be Florida’s quarterback by the time we all get to Jacksonville. I mean, I don’t get it, he was successful in their offense last year and they won some games, but his highest water mark didn’t even get to Jarret Guarantano. That’s saying something.


  4. Will (the other one)

    PFF has been pretty high on Newman for a while (at least back to before his transfer announcement.) My related question is: what metrics are they using that some other ratings don’t?


    • MGW

      Some elements of these things are usually proprietary. Gotta protect the golden goose.


      • kirkwooderson

        PFF watches every play of every game and assigns a proprietary grade/score to every player on every play. Systems like FPI and S&P+ just slice and dice regular publicly-available stats (yards, completion %, etc) and try weight for importance and normalize for competition. Think of PFF like if you were an NFL GM evaluating draft-eligible players. A little more subjective, but for a situation like jumping from college to NFL (or, say, a QB jumping from ACC to SEC) is very enlightening.


        • ASEF

          Except some of the PFF evaluators are not exactly NFL scout level. Some of them are idiots. It’s a solid data point, but it’s not intrinsically superior to other data points.


      • Biggen

        Proprietary… I’d use that word too if I was peddling snake oil.


  5. spur21

    Trask will be standing next to the portal master watching Emory Jones run the team.

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  6. J-Dawg

    Assuming that Newman wins the job we’ll pretty much know what we have after the UVA game. I do wish he had at least two SEC games under his belt before facing Bama but the fastest way to learn how to swim is to get thrown in the lake, hopefully with our O-line as his life preserver. If we get by Bama the Dawgs will be “locked, cocked & ready to rock”.

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  7. duronimo

    Any of our quarterbacks will be better than Trask. Actually, we’re lucky to have snatched Beck out of Florida just before Kirby was ordered out of the state by Cousin Eddie’s new recruiting potentate.

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  8. practicaldawg

    But throw out everyone on that list that wasn’t a high school backup and Trask is at the top.


  9. Busta

    Trask and Eddie are proven winners though. Portal Eddie will be wearing his blindfold this season so he can finally find that nut.