“Familiarity” in Columbia

Knowing Agent Muschamp’s track record with offensive coordinators, I’m not sure I’d be thrilled to read this, were I a Gamecock fan.

Of course, the main reason Bobo now is in Columbia after his five season run as Colorado State head coach is because of the person who occupies the head coaches’ suite.

Will Muschamp and Bobo were Georgia teammates for two seasons who have stayed in touch as they each climbed the coaching ladder. Muschamp was a Bulldog team captain as a senior in 1994 and Bobo his junior and senior seasons in 1996 and 1997.

“We’ve always talked, we’ve always stayed close,” Muschamp said. “When I felt like I needed to make some changes here, he was the one and only guy I planned on talking to. I did talk to some other people, but Mike was the guy that I wanted here. I trust Mike as a person and a coach. I saw what he did at Georgia and I saw him adjust to a lot of different personnel groupings at Colorado State. I thought he did a fantastic job in watching their film. He and I coach a lot alike. He’s liked minded as far as those things are concerned. I think that’s always important as a coach to be philosophically aligned with people on your staff.”

Nah, I think I’d be more optimistic if Boom had said, “Mike’s looked at what I’ve done for years with my OCs and thinks it’s total crap.”



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8 responses to ““Familiarity” in Columbia

  1. St. Johns Dawg

    As is usually the case in life, the truth on Mike Bobo’s OC prowess will likely fall somewhere in the middle … He won’t be outstanding and he won’t be an abject failure. This means he’ll fit SC’s program style very well and they’ll be competing for 4th or 3rd in the East.


    • Greg

      yep….I have a hard time taking anything for granted against SC. I certainly didn’t see that loss last year.

      We are 5 and 5 against them the last 10 years. I believe they have this game circled each and every year.

      Hope we are ready and focused this year, I wanna see a real ass kicking.


  2. What if?
    Early third quarter, UGA v SC tied at 14. South Carolina is having success running the ball and has driven to the Georgia red zone with a clock eating grind of a drive. SC gets inside the 10 with a first and goal and a couple of plays later it’s 3rd and goal inside the one. Everybody in the stadium knows the run is coming, Georgia hasn’t stopped it yet.
    CMB, knowing that we know that he knows that we know it’s an off tackle or around the edge rush plays 3 dimensional chess and calls for a short pass to the tight end. Unfortunately that leaves the DE unblocked and square on Hilsinki, who throws it away to protect the field position as it is.
    With uncharacteristically surprising clarity of vision, the back judge realizes Hilsinki was still in the box and throws the flag for intentional grounding. Loss of down now it’s 4th and 6 from the 6.
    That ought to make for interesting television over on the Gamecock sidelines.


  3. UGA '97

    cusschamp interpretation: “good ole boy networking” is the best answer to save my job.”


  4. BuffaloSpringfield

    I fear for CMB, inherently he is one of the goods guys in college sports. He’s a no BSer type of guy. Coach MusCock on the other hand I feel if he doesn’t have ehhh 8-4, don’t think 7-5 gets it. Although AD Tanner is not so easy to rile ( having CMB as OC could transpire to the head Cock ) and pleased at this point some say although that could be adjusted ( $$$$ ) quickly with Boom’s demise.
    All I will say to ya’ll is that it wasn’t just last year the Boomlobian’s have marked on the calendar it’s every year. The Cock a Doodle do’s have 2 game’s consistently marked That’s Clem and his Son and us Dogo’s. Mark it, Count it… it’ll be feathers and fangs


  5. practicaldawg

    Agent Bobo is clearly being sent in to get things back on track. His mandate is to elevate the program just enough to keep Muschamp installed so that we don’t have to resort to the drastic measures we did last season.


  6. Spike

    They are both dead to me, especially Muschamp.