Meanwhile, in Macon

This popped up in my Twitter notifications last night.

To which, Seth Emerson responded,

Screenshot_2020-03-03 Seth Emerson on Twitter MummePoll Craig_Lawson MaconDawg Remember last season when Smart observed tha[...]

Which, in turn, led me to tweet this.

Screenshot_2020-03-03 Senator Blutarsky on Twitter SethWEmerson Craig_Lawson MaconDawg Honestly, it makes sense at places l[...]

First off, I’d like to get confirmation Smart actually said something like that last night.  Then I’d love to hear his reasoning.

The more I think about it, the greater an advantage I think allowing NIL payments gives P5 programs with rabid fan bases.  Would that sell on the recruiting trail?  Hard to believe it wouldn’t.



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8 responses to “Meanwhile, in Macon

  1. ASEF

    It’s not just the rabid fanbases, although that’s the biggest part.

    How many millions watch a UGA or Bama game over the course of a season? In how many states? Compared to, say, Oregon and Washington? Or Virginia and UNC?


  2. CB

    Aye, whaddya know. After years of commenting I finally get a post topic with a tweet.

    I need to clarify that the wording of the tweet was paraphrasing (again the sound system), but it was something to that effect.


  3. The Georgia Way

    We regret the sound system issues which come up when money items are discussed. We maintain that TD club participation is a privilege which can again be revoked for our in-state locations at any time. So take this as a reminder that what happens in Macon, stays in Macon.

    Rest assured, our COA stipend continues to be among the most cost-effective in the SEC. This is yet another Bulldog Point of Pride.


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  4. Tony Barnfart

    Agree on Power 5 NIL advantage. Couple that with open transfers, and I agree with the anonymous coach cited in the post last week: Group of 5 is going to turn into the Power 5 G-League / D-League whatever you call it.


  5. Cynical Dawg

    UCLA and Southern California ought to be the biggest winners with this. They can get their kids SAG cards and put them in small speaking roles on TV series or movies.

    Can you imagine how much money Herschel could have made with NIL even in the pre Internet and social media era?


  6. Macallanlover

    Wrong example, Fromm would have killed it in national State Farm ads compared with Hot Rod getting local/regional car dealerships. He was in the national picture all 3 years he was QB, and his name was just a perfect follow up to their original ad. And that isn’t a knock on Blankenship.