Talk about your glass half-empty/half-full situation:  Scott Cochran takes a modest salary cut to leave Alabama for Georgia, while Kirby Smart is paying a novice special teams coach considerably more than his experienced predecessor.

Actually, the real story is both sides are getting what they badly wanted.  Cochran moves into an on-field coaching job and Smart lands a guy he’s wanted to add to his staff since he became head coach.

If nothing else, you can’t say everyone involved doesn’t want this to work.  It’s as good a place to start as any.


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  1. Keese

    He wants Cochran on the road recruiting


  2. The small pay cut was the risk discount Cochran was willing to take to get a chance to be an on field coach. I have no idea if he’ll be successful as a special teams coordinator or as an in-home recruiter, but the angst this has caused to the west is priceless.

    No matter what the Bammers say this was some $#!+ Little Nicky didn’t have time for.

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  3. Jason

    No. I tell recruits. That the coaches are willing to take a pay cut to be apart of what we are building. That should tell you something. /s


  4. Bulldog Joe

    Georgia needed offensive changes, but it also needed a unifying motivator.

    From the January exodus to the Holloman dismissal, to the South Carolina sleepwalk, to the lackluster special teams play, to the offense vs. defense rift late in the season, it was clear the intangibles needed for a championship team were missing.

    The offensive success in Columbus, Ohio only underscored the problems in Athens. Bringing in a new offensive technician and a one-and-done QB will help, but that alone wasn’t going to solve these intangibles.

    Kirby is a good motivator but he needed his Erk. Let’s see if Cochran is up to it.


  5. WH

    Nice try, Senator. You’re over here cooking up rational, plausible-sounding narratives to make this sound like a win for Georgia, but we all know the truth: When anyone walks away from Bama he was either past his prime or they had already targeted someone they wanted more.

    Poor Scoot. Poor Kirby. Poor us.