Pot meets kettle.



Man, I’m looking forward to plenty more tortured football metaphors where that came from.  (And I still think Sessons is missing a golden opportunity to rag Tubs over 2004.)



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  1. Biggus Rickus

    Tuberville was 9-8 (unless I overlooked any) in overtime games if anyone’s curious.


  2. DawgPhan

    Bernies was riding high after big wins at Iowa State, New Hampshire, and UNLV. He wasnt ready for the SEC SPEED in South Carolina and got his brakes beat off.

    A lot of great seasons have been derailed in South Carolina.

    hows’s that.

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  3. Derek

    I think Tubs wins this one because too many Trump voters won’t vote for the “beleaguered.” Gives Sen. Jones at least a sliver of hope. If tubs has any serious skeletons in the closet it could get interesting.


  4. Russ

    So you’re saying Ears is about to go “NAH-SCAR” on him?

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  5. I thought he accepted the Cincinnati job that way while he was at Texas Tech. Still, Coach Pine Box is a politician who happened to coach football for a few years.



    You think folks are bothered by politicians who are full of shit?


    • trbodawg

      I read a put down the other day I’ve been looking for an opportunity to use – “He’s so full of shit, if we gave him an enema we could bury him in a matchbox.”


    • NOPE…we continue to interact (raise/send monies) with them and re-elect them…nope, we are not bothered by these FOS politicians….


  7. ASEF

    Just play that video of Tubs walking across Bryant Denny with those 5 fingers held high. No Bama fan will vote for him.


  8. Mad Mike

    Tubs oughta be a good Senator. If you think about it both a college coaches and politicians tell folks what they think they want to hear in order to get them to be on their team…


  9. Normaltown Mike

    I was in Birmingham yesterday and very nearly stole a Tuberville sign from a front yard but thought better of it.


  10. Doug

    If Sessions pulls it out in the runoff, it will be high comedy watching Tuberville (and Trump, probably) turn on a dime and extol him as an American hero.


  11. Mayor

    I can’t believe Tubs will win in Alabama. More than half the state hates him and will never vote for him for anything because they are Bama fans. The Barners are lukewarm on him with half of them glad he got runnoft from Auburn. Plus, Tubs ain’t even a real Alabama citizen. He’s from Arky and has coached all over. Sessions cruises in the run off.

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  12. Ozam

    I’m not the boss, but seems like a playpen topic!


  13. Will (the other one)

    That whole race is the political equivalent of the Miss-St/Auburn game that ended 3-2.

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  14. mycr0ft

    Some UGA boosters should put together a faux campaign commercial full of clips of Auburn getting beat under Tuberville with a condemning voiceover & everything & then when folks expect the “I’m Jeff Sessions & I approve this message” at the end, hit em with “Auburn sucks. Go Dawgs.” instead. Just pay to put it on the air a few times & put out a press release & you might even get some free airtime with the national media as a funny local interest story.


  15. Go Dawgs!

    Still not sure why we couldn’t convince Saban to run.