Postcard from Montana

Imagine how different a take Mandel would have had about the Montana Project if he’d included this from the beginning ($$):

What is your favorite college football mascot? And your favorite live college football mascot? — Alec B.

… If we’re talking FBS football only, my top three are all live animals — Bevo, Uga and Mike the Tiger.

Just sayin’.



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8 responses to “Postcard from Montana

  1. Reverend Whitewall

    I hope you didn’t miss the potential Daily Gator gem in there……


  2. Uga is the best, just sayin’. When opposing cheerleaders, fans and players want to have a picture and rub his head, you know you have the best mascot.


  3. J-Dawg

    The only people who don’t like Uga as a mascot is PETA.


  4. Milledge Hall

    You can’t take Bevo to the Heisman Trophy awards.
    You can’t take Mike the tiger.
    You can’t take Ralphie.
    All you can say with the others is can’t!!
    With UGA, all you can say is CAN!
    Ergo, UGA wins in a LANDSLIDE!!


  5. Macallanlover

    How does Ralphie not rank ahead of Bevo? Maybe that is just Stewie, seems he has been ahead in previous polls I have seen. I think Mike the Tiger is usually the closest challenger to Uga for this “award”.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    Unless you’re a fan of a rival school who is lying to yourself, you love Uga and you love Athens. Regardless of how you feel about the University of Georgia and its sports teams, you love Uga and Athens.


  7. Classic City Canine

    Replace Bevo with Ralphie and I like that list. Bevo should be BBQ.