There’s deep. Then there’s Georgia’s linebackers.

Jake Rowe says Kirby Smart has the equivalent of a first-world problem with his linebacking corps this season.

What we don’t know: How is the coaching staff going to get everyone who is talented enough to play a chance to play? How is the coaching staff going to keep everyone happy? That may sound like a bit much, but it’s absolutely true.

Sounds rough.



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  1. A lot of these guys are going to be special teams players especially on kick coverage and punt return. With as many players as Kirby and Lanning like to rotate, no one other than Rice and likely Dean will be 3-down players.

    The outside guys are going to have their hands in the dirt on passing downs.

    Good problem to have.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    I wanna see a field full of Roquan Smiths and Jarvis Jonses running around.

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  3. 2675miller

    The first string defensive talent is finally up to the level Richt had his first three or four years with a little more depth across the board. Nearly every starter and some backups those years played in the nfl and many were stars. We haven’t had that in a long time.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    So talented and deep that 5-star Cox bailed out because he knew the best he could do was 2nd string – and even 2nd string was an uphill battle. So talented and deep that 5-star recruit Sherman might only get in 4 games and be redshirted.


  5. There is…..whut did you expect and they’re is what did Kirb’s recruit….he knows whut it takes and he knows whut he wants….I’ll hang up and listen…..