Another day, another position group

Jake Rowe takes a look at the STAR position here, but that’s not really where I want to focus with this post.  Check out this paragraph:

Will Stevenson really get a long look at this spot? Will Webb or Wilson get cross-trained at safety? Let’s start with Stevenson. He didn’t play much Nickel but his work in the Dime package leads us to believe that he’ll get a shot starting this spring. UGA is loaded at cornerback, which isn’t a tough position to learn anyway according to Kirby Smart. Eric Stokes, Tyson Campbell, and D.J. Daniel are the team’s top three options there so STAR might be Stevenson’s best shot to get on the field on a regular basis.  [Emphasis added.]

Really?  I must have missed all the true freshman corners at Georgia who’ve made first-team all-SEC lately.

There’s also this:  “The Bulldogs are paper-thin at safety and there’s a very real chance that Webb and Wilson spend more time learning that spot this spring.”

I didn’t think there was any position on defense where Georgia could be categorized as paper-thin.  LeCounte is back and Cine is expected to step in at Reed’s spot, so the starting spots look solid.  Is there really that little depth behind those two?  Or is it just spring practice when that’s relevant?

(By the way, I hope they figure out a way to get Stevenson on the field more, in whatever role.  He’s a stud.)



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4 responses to “Another day, another position group

  1. W Cobb Dawg

    Kirby was so worried about the position he went out and signed 1 safety! And that was after Reese elected to leave. So there’s plenty of talent waiting to fill any openings.

    But I will miss J.R. Reed. He was a dependable, excellent safety.


  2. Russ

    We have a starting 22. On defense.


  3. St. Johns Dawg

    Kelee Ringo, like Cine last year, will see the field OFTEN as a freshman. And when Kirby signs James Williams out of FL in the next recruiting cycle, UGA will have two absolute beasts helping depth at the d backfield.


  4. duronimo

    Rowe is paid to regurgitate in an attention drawing way. Throwing up in his mouth won’t get the bills paid, so he’s spewing today. He got the “say what?” he was seeking and now, as if a gun is pointed at my head, I’m commenting on it. Well done Jake. Mess with us again tomorrow. We’re waiting with bad breath. (make that “bated”)