Once again, like the swallows returning to Capistrano…

… somebody’s gonna ask the musical question, “Will tight ends play a larger role?“.




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11 responses to “Once again, like the swallows returning to Capistrano…

  1. gastr1

    I really don’t understand the obsession with this. It’s as if some believe it’s the key to a successful offense. (?)

    Why does it matter whether they’re blocking or catching passes? (Note: pretty hard to do both on the same play.) Isn’t blocking the primary job for a TE?


    • Russ

      Then why get a TE? Why not just put another tackle out there? Tight end is a weapon that we haven’t used in a long time. Look at what the ND TE did to us.


    • Will (the other one)

      Then why have a dedicated TEs Coach and no QB coach (at least so far)?


    • TN Dawg

      I wouldn’t call my interest in the matter an obsession, just noting the underutilization of what could be a useful weapon.

      Kittle, Kelce, Gronkowski….those guys create real matchup nightmares that have been integral parts of highly successful offenses at the highest levels.

      There was a lot of discussion about WRs being green and unable to get open last year. So why not integrate Charlie Woerner more in the passing game?

      Lots of discussion of defenses stacking the box, which generally means committing backers and safeties to the box. That strategy can be exploited with tight ends.

      Don’t get me wrong, having a great tight end isn’t a necessity, but it helps and gives you the ability to exploit certain defensive scheme.


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Coming in at about 6’8”, Washington addresses the ‘large’ part of the question. But seriously, getting more receptions by TEs in the middle of the field would open up the offense. Yet another weapon in the arsenal we generally fail to take advantage of.


    • Russ

      I’m really glad we have him but supposedly he is still raw. I’m not expecting much from him this season.


  3. I think our annual TE discussion derives from back in the day when some of our top recruits were TE–Leonard Pope, Randy McMichael, Orsen Charles. Lots of recruiting hype focused on TE. Now the hype is more well rounded (thankfully and finally an OL or two!!), but the TE dream lives on!!


  4. Brandon M

    Swallows…. Don’t you mean salmon?


  5. Gaskilldawg

    Last season was am exception but in 2018 it was, “Throw fewer passes to NFL receivers Hardman, Ridley and Godwin or carries from Swift and Hollifield in order to throw to TEs more.”


  6. Pedro

    just an observation, but KC and San Fran seemed to do all right this year including tight ends alongside their various other weapons, granted maybe a little talent disparity between woerner and kelce.