Rating the 2020 schedule

Looking at Jake Rowe’s ranking of Georgia’s opponents this season, one thing I’m struck by is how many teams the Dawgs will face have lost key offensive talent, especially in the passing game.

Florida, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Missouri, South Carolina and Virginia all lost their top receivers.  (So did Alabama, but the Tide’s cupboard is far from bare in that department.)  ‘Bama, Vandy and Virginia all lost starting quarterbacks.  Lynn Bowden, Jr. is gone from Kentucky (not that he was all that much as a passer, but still).

Considering how stout Georgia’s secondary looks on paper, it’s hard to see many games right now where its pass defense is going to be seriously exposed.



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8 responses to “Rating the 2020 schedule

  1. Mayor

    I’d put Bama as being ahead of the others in the QB department too because Mac Jones started several games after Tua’s injury and played pretty well. Along with backup receivers who are skilled who will now be starting the Tide passing game still should be fine. Yes, Georgia will have a very good secondary as part of an overall excellent D but if someone thinks we won’t be tested by the Tide passing game they are whistling past the graveyard.


  2. dawgtired

    “Mac Jones started several games after Tua’s injury and played pretty well”

    Mayor, I felt this way as well. I thought Jones stepped in and was solid. It’s hard to tell how much Bama will be weakened, if at all. Some how every time we think a chink in the armor has been exposed, they seem to overcome.
    I still feel this is a time we can get the monkey off our backs though.

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  3. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    When we beat bama, how will that victory be dawg-graded?

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    • MGW

      We will have beaten the “worst Bama team in years.”

      Then they’ll “turn it around” and beat everyone else. Then when we beat them again in Atl, “turns out we were wrong, Bama is still down and so is the entire SEC.”

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  4. practicaldawg

    Fortunately for UF they could lose all their receivers and still be widely favored to win the East because MULLEN AND TRASK.

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  5. Rocketdawg

    11-1 is the floor for this team assuming the offense can generate points (I honestly think 25 per game would lead to 11-1). Even with Mac Jones at QB Alabama is capable of putting up points with the RB and two returning WR. Not to mention Trey Sanders at RB as well.

    I’m not convinced there is another team on the schedule that can score more than 17 against our defense.

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  6. W Cobb Dawg

    I’d add Kentuck to the teams that lost their top WR. That giant, Wagner, gave defenses all they could handle. Jennings is a huge, huge loss at utk too.

    The Dawgs SHOULD be considered in the top couple teams with Pickens, DRob & Co. returning. But we’ve yet to show it on the field. I’m not sure signing 7 WRs is gonna make up for questionable WR coaching. Maybe we continue blaming WR problems on injuries and attrition, as if that doesn’t happen elsewhere.

    Trask is sooo great, losing 3 top WRs isn’t gonna be noticed🤥