Here’s another reason Georgia’s pass defense shouldn’t feel too threatened in most games this season.

It’s funny in a way to realize that Lanning has had such an impact in a relatively short period of time.  It’s also worth remembering that not too long ago, a lot of folks were dissatisfied with Tray Scott’s work.  Not so much now.

I always love Georgia football the most when I have that warm and fuzzy feeling of control when the defense steps on the field.  I think 2020 has the potential to make me feel extra warm and fuzzy.



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12 responses to “Stout

  1. Russ

    Our defense has been really fun to watch. This year they should be monsters.


  2. BMan

    I don’t think it’s hyperbole to suggest that they could have the best defense in the nation this year. And that feels very comforting.

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  3. Mick Jagger

    Looking for Nolan to break out!


  4. Rebar

    That was a championship defense last year and will be again in ’20


  5. Just as importantly, that pressure often comes from rushing just 4 guys on third down and dropping 7 to cover — that helps the back end of the defense too.

    Has anyone seen any PFF stats on pressure while rushing 3 or 4 vs. 5 or more?


  6. Dawg1

    Never trailed in 5 regular season games after USC OT.

    That’ll allow your offfense to stay vanilla.


  7. MGW

    With all the turnover on offense including a new OC, new QB, new TE, new….. pretty much everyone but Pickens…. it’s a good year to have a great D to count on. Just don’t get big heads in the off season, keep getting better, and we’ll be alright.


  8. AJ

    Warm and fuzzy like the 2019 oline made us feel…


  9. Doug

    The past few seasons I have been positively gleeful to watch our defense take the field and stand on their opponents’ necks. (In 2019 it may have been partly because I didn’t have to watch our offense sputter down the field, but still.) After the back-to-back dumpster fires of Martinez and Grantham, followed by the improved-but-still-inconsistent Pruitt years, looking forward to watching our defense is a truly wonderful sensation.

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  10. Sweet D

    I still question Scott’s ability to bring in talent. I think he can coach them, I’m just not sure he can coax them.


      • Will Adams

        I looked at the all-time highest ranked recruits list on 247 for the Dawgs and noticed there seemed to be a lot of current players on the list. I counted a total of 26 recruits that are currently on the team that are in the top 100 all-time highest ranked list. That’s obviously not counting Fields, Cox, or Mays who were also on the list. Vandagriff is also on the list, tied at no. 18 overall with Kieth Marshall. Obviously recruit rankings aren’t an exact science but damn… Kirby really has taken recruiting to a level I didn’t realize existed. It makes me feel like I will finally get to see my Dawgs win it all for the first time in my life sooner rather than later.