Today, in life comes at you fast

Without looking it up first, guess where Kirby Smart ranks in seniority among the 130 D-1 coaches now.


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18 responses to “Today, in life comes at you fast

  1. Derek

    35th is my guess.


  2. spur21

    Well it’s obvious I didn’t cheat 🙂


  3. ugafidelis

    I was way off!


  4. dawgtired

    I would guess around 60th-ish. Middle-the-pack.


  5. Union Jack



  6. The Truth

    I guessed 50th before looking. Seemed like a safe, chalky call.


  7. FlyingPeakDawg

    Hot seat!

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  8. I was thinking near the middle, high 50s-60s. I just guess that 10 years is the average to be at a program and Kirby is halfway to that so he’d be around halfway in the seniority ranking.


  9. MGW

    This one struck me:

    15. David Shaw, Stanford – Jan. 13

    Time flies. This will be Stanford’s 10th season without Harbaugh. Gotta admit I loved watching his Stanford trot out like 7 linemen and 3 TE’s and obliterate little fast Pac-12 defenses. I’m not his biggest personal fan, but we do owe the man a debt of gratitude for knocking USC off its pedestal.


    • Tony Barnfart

      I’ve always found it hilarious that an elite institution like Stanford, and all the cultural associations with everything about Stanford and Palo Alto, smart, techy, modern, progressive…….after all that, this team PLAYS FREAKING MANBALL ? I mean WTH ?!
      (maybe they’ve gotten away from that some, haven’t watched them much lately, but Shaw continued it at least for a while right ?)


      • Union Jack

        I have thought the offense that Stanford runs is perfect for that institution.

        Leland Stanford moved to California for the Gold Rush where he made a lot of money as a retailer for the mining industry. Then he invested heavily in the railroad industry via Central Pacific which he expanded eastward to create the first transcontinental railroad with Union Pacific. Stanford is the dude that drove the golden spike.

        The campus is nicknamed the Farm because he founded Stanford on the grounds of former farm/ranch and there used to be more horses on campus than students.

        Stanford is the home to the Hoover Institution (as in Herbert Hoover) with a list of fellows like Condoleeza Rice, George Schultz, HR McMaster, Gen Mattis, Thomas Sowell etc.

        It is closely aligned with Silicon Valley obviously but a large swath of it are the “ground game of tech” – Hewlett & Packard both went to Stanford & met at football tryouts! The other alumni ran SUN (named after the Stanford University Network- which is the alumni group),, Intel, google, PayPal, etc.


      • MGW

        He has generally continued it, but there is the issue of the QB. Big difference between Andrew Luck and anyone who’s been there since. This year at Georgia we witnessed first hand what happens when you pound and pound, but can’t connect over the top. Even in a manball offense, a great QB will take you far.


  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    I cheated, but whew, there’s something off kilter when Kirby is already in the top third in seniority.


  11. Cool, can we do another one tomorrow on Muschamp?


  12. Down Island Way

    That list just solidifies the fact that coaches have no Ground to stand on with reference to student athletes entering the “transport portal”…..