“Yeah, 17 is some really good defense.”

Just another data point in the story that was Georgia’s 2019 offense: ($$):

South Carolina held only one conference opponent under 21 points last year. That was Georgia in a 20-17 double-overtime victory. That was 13 points below the Bulldogs’ season scoring average and stands out as a rare bright spot for the Gamecocks’ defense in 2019.

Before you go all “it was the receivers, dude” on me, here’s what SC’s defensive scoring record in conference was after the Georgia game:

  • Florida — 38
  • Tennessee — 41
  • Vanderbilt — 7
  • Texas A&M — 30

And here’s SC’s defensive ypp record in those same games, plus Georgia.

  • Georgia — 4.93
  • Florida — 5.62
  • Tennessee — 7.13
  • Vanderbilt — 3.78
  • Texas A&M — 6.84

When all you’ve got to hang your hat on is bettering Vanderbilt’s offense, you ain’t got much.

If you’re interested still at this point, here’s the story on Georgia’s offensive conference ypp from the Carolina game on:

  • South Carolina — 4.93
  • Kentucky — 4.91
  • Florida — 5.94
  • Missouri — 5.06
  • Auburn — 3.92
  • Texas A&M — 4.41
  • LSU — 4.21

Considering that on the season, the Dawgs averaged 6.08 ypp, that wasn’t pretty.  The ‘Carolina game was something of a low point, considering the level of opposition, but the offense never really recovered from it.  Hopefully, Smart’s made the needed changes to fix that.



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12 responses to ““Yeah, 17 is some really good defense.”

  1. ASEF

    SC had a first round talent in the defensive interior, and apparently the game plan thought it could just run over him. And then the game plan decided to continually throw at their best DB, in predictable situations with predictable target points.

    Bad game plan, bad.


  2. dawgman3000

    Forget it Senator, it’s all on the receivers.


  3. spur21

    This is kinda funny
    “Then you’re talking about the duration of the game, but you know what, a lot of our fans would love to be at Williams-Brice Stadium for another 30 minutes on Saturdays,” Muschamp said.


  4. Russ

    Kirby and the offense had PTSD from that game. It affected their play the rest of the season. I guess Boom gets a little credit for showing others how to stop our offense? Or maybe we were just bad.


  5. It was a bit of everything. Best way to look at it is a poe chart.


  6. I went back to look at the stats. The only stats South Carolina won were:

    Turnover margin
    4th down conversions
    FG percentage

    We lost that game due to a comedy of errors and 2 big plays that went against us.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    We did everything possible to lose that game. And it wasn’t just the offense.

    We needed someone, anyone, on the staff that day who could coach. But all we had were recruiters.

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  8. Down Island Way

    Game at the barners was a an offensive (half ) the 3rd qtr. and all the 4th qtr. as i have sat/stood/cried/cussed in many years…scoreboard read 00:00, all was forgiven (and gawd blessed UGA’s “D”)


  9. BuffaloSpringfield

    Still see CKS stomping around screaming We ain’t ready to play” over and over. How can Georgia continually sleep walk into USCjr. It is in fact a historical THING.
    While the Cock a Doodle Do’s get up to play 2 games Clem and his Son and the Dawgs. This goes back to the Dooley years.