An abundance of riches

“I’m worried about Georgia’s depth at cornerback for the 2020 season,” said no Georgia fan, ever.


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8 responses to “An abundance of riches

  1. Jim

    Looking at our roster and the number of DBs and fast athletic LBs I’d say Kirby knows what he is defending

    I actually thought our game plan for LSU was solid but we couldn’t get pressure rushing too few and joe burrow made hesitant plays (and we dropped must catch balls) so we never had a chance

    As we saw nobody else could stop them either but who else had the players to even try spying 2 offensive players at a time?


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    The depth is getting to the point where you wonder if 4-star recruits are going to play in their first 2 years. About 90% of the defensive players getting snaps in 2019 return, as well as an intact coaching staff. The D is gonna be very, very tough.


  3. Brandon M

    Question marks all over the O, solid as can be going in on D. If we have learned anything at all from past seasons… it’s pretty obvious that the Defense will not meet expectations this year while the offense is going to be near unstoppable.


  4. Well now you’ve jinxed us!


  5. Jack Burton

    Which kid is going to separate himself and become THE standout CB? That’s the real question. We need someone opposite Stokes who becomes a 1st Rd superstar. Campbell has all the combine stats but can he show that he has the brain?


  6. DL line and coaching needs to move to top of list.

    And Monty is going to have a year