Musical palate cleanser, it’s alright now edition

I’m dating myself here, but how many of you remember the hoopla surrounding the Concert for Bangladesh?  I mean, even Dylan showed up for it.

Lots of great music from that show, but this has always been my favorite.


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9 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, it’s alright now edition

  1. RangerRuss

    Sheeeeeeeit man. After a great weekend that’s the way to start Monday morning. Thanks Bluto.


  2. Cynical Dawg

    I’m glad they left off George’s laconic introduction: “Here’s a couple of numbers from Leon.” For the first time since 1969, George Harrison of the superhuman Beatles was upstaged by a fellow performer. All joking aside, Leon’s medley was the high point of the Concert.


  3. Athens Dog

    Saw Leon at The Foundry here in Athens about a year before he passed. What a performer.


  4. Illini84

    Leon and the Mad Dogs and Englishmen played in Huff Gym at the U of I and they didn’t have a stage, just a riser, and i was able to lean on his piano and shoot the shit with him between songs. You want to see a weird movie about him try A Poem Is a Naked Person by Les Blank. Leon didn’t like it or Blank so he wouldn’t let him release it. When Blank died his son got with Leon and released it. You get to see a snake eat a chicken and a guy eat a glass at a dirt track race.


  5. Illini84

    The Homewood Session is killer


  6. Illini84

    03:20 – Will The Circle Be Unbroken
    06:30 – Caravan
    09:28 – It Takes A Lot To laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
    14:49 – Delta Lady
    19:50 – A Song For You
    24:10 – Good Morning Judge
    27:55 – John Henry
    30:38 – Furry’s Blues
    33:10 – Amos Burke
    36:03 – Honky Tonk Women
    39:29 – Sweet Emily
    42:53 – Prince Of Peace
    46:22 – Girl From The North Country
    49:13 – Big Boss Man
    52:14 – Crystal Closet Queen
    55:19 – Of Thee I Sing

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  7. BuffaloSpringfield

    Thanks Bluto and Mr. ILlINI84 you guys took me back to a better time. Music was original and crisp actually foot tapping along the morning drudgery. Just a better place THEN !
    RIP Iconic George and the never fully appreciated Leon.

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  8. Muttley

    Lennon was supposedly willing to perform, but not without Yoko.