Not the stat I was expecting

Well, now.

When Fromm found his target, good things happened, for the most part.  That would suggest…?



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  1. I still think there was a mix. Was Fromm off later in the season? Yes. Was some of that due to a lack of trust in receivers being in the right place? Yes.


    • Otto

      Correct 2 problems which snowballed.


      • It’s interesting to note for the Florida game that Fromm was his old self where he was making play after play in the passing game. It seemed similar in the bowl game until Baylor started doubling Pickens all over the field.

        He certainly seems to be a guy who develops a connection with a receiver and that connection seems to allow him to play the game freer.

        2017 – that connection was with Javon Wims, but his biggest plays of the year came to Terry Godwin (the flea flicker) and Mecole Hardman (the national championship game).

        2018 – that connection seemed to be with JJ Holloman (and, to a degree, Riley Ridley) as the season progressed. That connection seemed to allow Mecole to play the slot and make plays.

        2019 – of course, that was Cager, and eventually, he developed that kind of connection with Pickens (we ended up missing Holloman more than we expected). The suspension of Pickens for the first half of both the Fech and LSU games seem to get him a little off.

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        • Will (the other one)

          He also never quite got over adjusting when that top target went out (the offense stumbling vs Bama late was definitely impacted by Wims not being in the game in ’17 and the non-Cager performances for most of 2019.)

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  2. spur21

    It tells me the receiver was in the wrong place or Fromm threw to the wrong place and sometimes it looked like both happened.

    I’m optimistic that our next QB and new OC will fix those issues.


    • Cojones

      “Drops” refers to balls that hit the receiver’s hands, not the misses by Fromme. If it was about misses you would have to include the intentional throwaways beyond the line of scrimmage. Combining the drops and the misses would give an interesting and uplifting stat concerning Fromme’s accuracy (and that’s what I think you are referring to – his accuracy).

      At one time, Fromme’s accuracy was excellent and I’d like to see his stats at the end, especially if the review of his passes includes catchable passes that never touched the Receivers’ hands or was within 3′ of target and those passes he deliberately threw ob.


  3. Ginny

    What is the criteria for being “catchable”?


  4. Otto

    It isn’t a drop if you don’t stretch out to get it.


  5. ASEF

    I think it means Georgia got waaay more bang for the buck with its drops. No one remembers any of the LSU drops. All 16 of Georgia’s left a mark.


  6. Ozam

    Our passing game was just messed up. Nothing came easy. That play action wasn’t wide open is just mind boggling. Kirby gets major props for blowing the whole thing up.


  7. I’d recommend everybody listen to this past week’s Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody. Pretty good description on Fromm by a guy that evaluates QB’s (both the really good and the really bad about him).



    Seemed like more than that to me.


  9. Go Dawgs!

    Fromm had his worst year as a college quarterback last year. A lot of that was on him. Some of it was also on receivers. If you’re either not where you’re supposed to be or if you can’t get open, then you don’t get a football in your catch radius to drop.

    That said, I’ve blamed the wideouts over and over for Fromm’s struggles, but I’m not sure how much he did to make them better. Fromm has to own some of that himself.

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  10. Former Fan

    The issue wasn’t ability to catch… it was being in the right spot at the right time according to the play called. There’s a reason that when Cager was out, completion percentage went way down.


  11. 123fakest

    The biggest problem imo was the route running, not the drops.


    • 79Dawg

      Indeed, that might even explain why the ball wasn’t “on target”, and thus, why there was nothing to “drop”…


  12. AceDawg

    It was sad to see Fromm trend downward throughout the 2019 season, declare early for the draft, and continue to trend downward in the combine. I have no idea if Newman will end up an improvement or not, but Fromm lost himself another year of college memories for the glory of the NFL clipboard. To each their own.


  13. TN Dawg

    Jake Fromm’s agent is praying that one of you guys is a director of player personnel or a GM for an NFL team.

    One of your delusions may make a first round pick out of him.


  14. UGA '97

    when u rank 54th in the nation in pass attempts, u ain’t got much to drop.


  15. Jim

    I know we joke about spring game stats but am i the only one that recalls Fromm being absolutely horrid at GDay last year? Pick 6 on his first pass (which IIRC was thrown behind the receiver) and generally out of synch the entire time. I chalked it up to him having an off day and it not really mattering, but looking back now it seemed like he never really got out of the funk he was in that day


  16. Jason

    Shhhh…. our receivers were crap /s