Tick, tock, Emmert.

Omar comin’, NCAA… and sooner than you expected.

The bills were filed back in October, after the NCAA Board of Governors announced it would draft rules to allow student athletes to profit off their own name, image and likeness in response to California’s passage of a law that would take effect July 2023.

Florida’s would take effect July 1, 2021, if approved. Mayfield said she moved the date from 2020 to give the NCAA time to draft rules of its own that would be applied across all 50 states.


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5 responses to “Tick, tock, Emmert.

  1. So the Florida Senate thinks the NCAA is going to give in on NIL and self regulate?


  2. Harold Miller

    Yeah, and maybe I’m a Chinese jet pilot…


  3. BuffaloSpringfield

    The Florida Senate May be training in the same manor as the dreaded Japanese pilots of WW 2. Teaching how to take off just not land


  4. BuffaloSpringfield

    Plus did not the NCAA deem that California school and athletes be deemed non members and athletes of such would be ineligible to participate in playoffs and bowl games. One way the PAC schools could get more attention crown the National State Champion of California