Scott Frost says out loud…

… what I bet you a lot of P5 coaches with programs in college towns are quietly saying in private.

The programs that embrace this the quickest are going to be paid dividends on the recruiting trail.


UPDATE:  Frost is getting ahead of the curve.  Now.

Nebraska has announced today that they will be the first to launch a custom program designed to help their student athletes build their individual brands. The program – OpenDorse – will work with all 650+ Cornhusker athletes to provide some really valuable tools and

Blake Lawrence, a Nebraska football alum, founded OpenDorse and noted that he and his company have been preparing for this moment for over seven years.

How will it work? Well, the Ready Now Program will offer every Nebraska student athlete a current valuation of their brand and will also review and flag content that could have a negative impact on their brand and provide insight to help increase the individual’s brand value as well, the announcement points out.

Which will be the first SEC school to offer something similar?



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9 responses to “Scott Frost says out loud…

  1. As a lifelong Husker fan, I love seeing this from Frost. There’s no sense is avoiding the clear benefits if you’re at a school like Nebraska. There are enough inherent disadvantages at NEB, so you might as well capitalize on a clear positive.


    • Busta

      Is your handle supposed to be “HuskerDawg” or is it spelled the way it is on purpose? I agree though, embracing and being all in on this will definitely win the kids over.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    I’ve honestly been surprised and a little puzzled why more coaches aren’t taking this approach. Look at the basketball example, while so many coaches were bitching about one-and-dones messing with their rosters, John Calipari took the approach of being as public and as loud as he could be with the message, “hey, screw the NCAA, go get your money.” It paid huge dividends on the recruiting trail, to the point that other blue blood coaches had to follow suit, albeit with a little less bluster than Calipari. I’m honestly surprised that kids still flock to Dabo Swinney’s banner when he thumbs his nose at any measure to put money in their pockets for their service. Coaches who are up front about wanting players to get more of their share of the pie are going to see more players wanting to play there.


  3. Mayor

    I think you are right Senator about Frost trying to get out in front of the NIL thing for recruiting purposes. That said I pose the following question: If a tree fell in Nebraska and nobody heard it would anybody give a shit?


  4. Union Jack

    Three things:

    Absolutely UGA should be ahead of the curve and proactive about assisting athletes with their marketing if we want to differentiate on the recruiting trail.
    There were 20+ sport management majors on the 2019 roster, even if they aren’t the biggest stars on the team, seems like a terrific opportunity to learn/network.
    We had 76 players sharing numbers for the 2019 season. I know there are a lot of players on the roster but when does number exclusivity due to the marketing likeness become a recruiting tool/hinderance? The only retired jersey numbers are 21, 34, 40, & 62 but we have two players sharing #1-7, 9-15, 19-20, 22-24, 29, 31-33, 36-37, 39, 42-44, 47, 64, 90, 93,95, 96. Three players share both 16 & 17. Why are 8 & 18 out of circulation?


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