Your Daily Gator has expectations.

Come for Andy Staples’ take ($$) on how Florida’s expectations for the college football playoffs this season are reasonable, but stay for how Kirby Smart has flipped this rivalry on its head.

The fifth-year senior has seen the coach who signed him win the SEC East and get fired the next season. He has seen his current coach win double-digit games in his first two seasons and get celebrated to his face while everyone asks But what about Georgia behind his back…

Yes, the Georgia question is perfectly legitimate. Two of Mullen’s five losses are to Kirby Smart’s team. The SEC East might very well be decided at the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party again this season. But Smart had a two-year head start on Mullen in that rivalry, so perhaps the balance has shifted. Or maybe it hasn’t. We won’t really be able to handicap that game until this Florida team and that Georgia team — with its revamped offense — take the field.

I’m old enough to remember when we spent years thinking the same thing about Georgia versus Spurrier and Meyer.  Thanks, Kirby.



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16 responses to “Your Daily Gator has expectations.

  1. Butler Reynolds

    Ka is a wheel.


  2. Here’s your #ftmf thought for the day:

    Offenses coached by coaching genius Dopey/Sideshow/Portal Master Dan Mullet have scored 20 or more points once in the 11 seasons when Kirby Smart has been either a defensive coordinator or head coach. That was all of 20 points in a 25-20 loss to the Crimson Tide in 2014 with a Heisman candidate/eventual NFL starter at QB. Kyle Trask isn’t Dak Prescott.


  3. J-Dawg

    As long as Kirby remembers the losses of his playing days I have no fear of the Gayturds. He will find a way to crush those lizards no matter what the talent level is on his team. When it comes to UF Kirby will always be “locked, cocked & ready to rock”.

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  4. Mayor

    FU can lose in JAX Ian’s still make the playoff if they win all the rest of their games and Georgia loses at Bama and gets upset by another team a la last season, the most likely being Auburn. The Gay-turds play a weak assed schedule. If they get to the SECCG and win they’ll be in the playoff having beaten only one quality team.


  5. RC

    Let ’em keep pumping those expectations sky high. This is gonna be fun to watch.