And, now, the defense

One thing about the latest pre-spring stab at a defensive depth chart — it’s a lot harder to find potential break out players because there’s so much across the board depth, not to mention that we got to see a lot of what those players could do last season.

Whom do you see being a potential surprise this season?


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12 responses to “And, now, the defense

  1. dawgtired

    It’s hard to find the break-outs now days, and there are some very good newbies. In the past, there were always new or up-and-coming kids that seemed poised to pass the guy above. With the level of talent that’s been recruited over the past 3 years, it’s getting harder to find those stand-outs. Everybody is good. It’s like two fast cars on the track, once one gets ahead it’s hard for the other to pass, even though they’re just as good or even a smidgen better.
    I love the way we look right now. It’s a nice problem to have.

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    • Macallanlover

      I also like the way this rapid rotation gets more players involved which gets more talent the chance to shine and develop on the field. The message to recruits is you don’t have to wait 1-2 years to break through at UGA. Playing time is early, and you get a chance to play fresh with fresh legs with limited reps. I can see that playing well in living rooms, just as it did to running backs.


  2. J-Dawg

    I have to go with Nolan Smith breaking out this year. SEC QB’s are going to fear him this season. It’s a gut feeling but I’m usually right. I see our sack total & TFL going way up this year.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m hoping it’s whomever takes over JR Reed’s safety position. But my money would be on Nakobe Dean. A good ILB can make big plays in this defense.


  4. Sweet D

    I see Travon Walker being an unblockable disrupter up front.


  5. dawgman3000

    Tyrique Stevenson would be my choice.


  6. Brandon M

    He’s a senior that has shown flashes but hasn’t quite put it all together yet. I think he will and will be a force this year. Malik Herring.


  7. MGW

    Jordan Davis is great, but if he could step it up to the totally disruptive level of someone like Suh, Fairley, or Star Lotulelei, that’d be reeeeeal nice. Especially considering just how good the secondary should be. Not a fun defense for a QB to face.

    Next up would be Nakobe Dean taking it to Roquan levels.


  8. Diving Duck

    Have to think one or two of Smith, Walker, Dean, Stevenson and Cine will become a star this year. Also, hoping for a breakout from one of the incoming freshman receivers.


  9. Offense: Matt Landers, Kenny McIntosh. Also, hopefully James Cook gets used correctly in Monken’s offense and has a breakout year..
    Defense: Adam Anderson, Nakobe Dean, Tyrique Stevenson, Lewis Cine.


  10. 123fakest

    Bill Norton is the obvious choice.


  11. Down Island Way

    Should this “D” meet or exceed expectations this season…the DC may be the guy breaking out or away from UGA, one would like to see him follow in KIRBY’s steps, so to speak (5/6 years @ UGA) and then really have good footing to make a move, coaching wise