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“It’s Herschel. From State Farm.”

Look at Coach Dooley here, getting in early on the NIL craze.

Who knows — if the business had taken off (and it probably would’ve), maybe Walker would have stuck around for his fourth season.



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TFW you mash Coronavirus with Larry Munson

We’ve got plenty of experience hunkering down, that’s for sure.


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College football in the time of pandemic, part four

Whether the 2020 college football season is delayed or outright cancelled is a question for a later time.  That’s not the case for preparation for the 2020 college football season, though.

What about spring football practice? Michigan and Ohio State canceled their spring games. No biggie. Spring games are largely glorified scrimmages that essentially provide programming for conference networks. However, as conferences and schools cancel campus activities, these questions have been raised.

If and when a decision is made on the resumption of activities this year, will there be enough time to carve out a proper preparation for the football season? Spring practice allows for 15 practices spread out over a month or so. Players would be on campus anyway for summer school. For now, anytime up to July 1 seems to be is an option.

During this period, strength coaches basically are in charge of football programs. It’s their duty to groom players not only physically but mentally. It’s not clear if all teams are meeting or even conditioning. How does that factor into the timely resumption of play? Will coaches be allowed to be involved with instruction at this time if there is no spring football practice, limiting their preparation for the season?

Take it one step further.  Here’s a quote about Jamie Newman that got me to thinking this morning.

“Yeah, I’ve talked to him and asked about him,” Shockley said this past week. “He’s already taken on kind of a leadership role because he’s played a bunch of ball. People I’ve talked to say just from the way he carries himself you can tell he’s used to being one of the alpha dogs on the team. He’s come in with an edge, is working hard and is trying to get to know everybody. I haven’t seen him work out, but he definitely has the leadership qualities they’re looking for.”

Ordinarily, that’s the kind of thing we’d hear that would give us some confidence that the players, particularly a new quarterback who needs every minute of workout with his receiving corps to develop timing and a rapport, would step up over the summer and take the initiative.  What happens if they can’t?


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