“It’s Herschel. From State Farm.”

Look at Coach Dooley here, getting in early on the NIL craze.

Who knows — if the business had taken off (and it probably would’ve), maybe Walker would have stuck around for his fourth season.



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  1. Reipar

    You clearly have no idea what a State Farm agent makes if you think it is over five million dollars in a single opening year. Smh


  2. FWIW, Walker’s first contract was $5 million for three years.

    Maybe he doesn’t even take a look at the USFL if he’s making some real jack, albeit not the $2 million he got out of the gate from NJ.

    And maybe you should relax a little, man. Nothing but a little innocent speculation going on here.


  3. FlyingPeakDawg

    Pure speculation…advisors knew HW would need a lot of insurance and wanted to set up an entity that would sell to himself and hold the coverages more than putting him in business to sell to others.


  4. CB

    Didn’t he get scammed into signing with the USFL?


    • 92 Grad

      By Trump, I think?


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      My memory is that Herschel talked with/consulted/did something with an agent, which was disqualifying back then. Vince then informed him that he had lost his eligibility. The decision was somewhat taken out of his hands.

      On a related subject, I wonder if it would have made much difference in his pro career if he had gotten his shoulder properly repaired earlier?


  5. duronimo

    According to the now re-named Manfucturer’s Hanover Bank … the average inflation in the 70s and 80s were almost 13% based on a market basket related to average Americans. The low rates the government trots out is almost always fake news. So there you go, the inflation rate itself is subject to speculation.


  6. Hal Evans

    Herschel’s brother in law is a State Farm agent.