College football in the time of pandemic, part five

There isn’t going to be spring practice this month, and if you think there’s going to be some sort of make up down the road, the CDC isn’t exactly encouraging it.

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That puts it out until mid-May, which is after the school year ends.

I suppose if the school permits it, Smart could organize small workouts with position groups, as long as the total numbers stay below 50, but it’s doubtful that’s much of a working solution.


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6 responses to “College football in the time of pandemic, part five

  1. tbia

    My opinion is they add X number of days to fall practice. I think its the only solution.


  2. Russ

    Well, if everyone is under the same constraints then it’s fair. They just need to focus on safety for the players, making sure they’re in shape for the season but not grinding away in 100+ degree heat.

    As others said, given the talent advantage the top teams have, it should still shake out the same way.


  3. Cojones

    We canceled a semi-reunion (my family ) and with everyone now ready to hunker down. The higher air temps, sunshiny days we are having can only help, but we are ignorant of how much until testing hits all areas.

    Think that the Dawgs would wait until testing shows the danger of contact has passed for the immediate future. Player contact isn’t immune in any way and it will incapacitate as many that contract it in close proximity. If the timing isn’t right, it could shut down the team and the season instead of just threatening it.


  4. The Dawg abides

    Looking ahead to the season, if things settle down and it starts on time, the teams with the best continuity will have a definite advantage. That sounds like a Barnhart quote, but it’s even more advantageous now. The teams not having new systems to learn, new coordinators, and new QBs to break in should be even more ahead of teams that have those issues. Not having spring practice to install Monken’s offense is a definite disadvantage. Clemson, Ohio State, and Bama are going to be even further ahead of everyone.