Just for yuks, compare these clips from the 2018 and 2019 Tech games, keeping an eye on the offense:

Both games wound up being scoring routs, but the offense seemed more disjointed in last season’s game.  What differences do you see between the two?



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  1. I’ll tell you what I saw. I saw 4 TDs thrown to guys who would have been on last year’s team but weren’t in Athens this year. Because of those guys, Jake generally knew he could take some risks because he knew they would be where they were supposed to be.

    1) 1 who got himself in trouble for doing one of the “Thou shalt not”s if you’re a man
    2) 1 who left for the NFL too early and should have come back to Athens
    3) 1 who left because he was ready and got a Super Bowl ring

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  2. Timphd

    To me the difference was one game had Ridley, Hardman and Holloman and one didn’t. Pickens and Blaylock have lots of talent, but were not on the same level as those three. Had Cager been healthy…


    • “Had Cager been healthy …”

      60+ would have possibly been in play especially if Pickens hadn’t been a knucklehead during the week to get suspended for the 1st half and then gotten tossed for his extracurriculars.


  3. JasonC

    Aside from the aforementioned upperclassmen that left, the OL didn’t pass block that well in this year’s game… at least at the start.


  4. Greg

    “same as it ever was”………recievers.


  5. BA Baracus

    As pretty much everyone else has said, the targets are the main difference.

    I really think Mecole was the biggest loss of all. He could blow by anyone on the field anytime he wanted, and everybody knew it. That went a long way toward improving the numbers in the box, I think.

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  6. Russ

    We called off the Dawgs in 2018. We “out atheleted” them in 2019.


  7. spur21

    Obviously receivers which in turn affected Jake. He was not afraid to throw into tight windows in 18 and more reluctant in 19.


  8. BuffaloSpringfield

    Hollifield got a $5,000 bonus…. Nauta got a 2 mil contract but has had three targets catching one, practice squad likely, Holliman gets kicked off after a year, with CKS knowing the charges 2 months before. Believe it or not ( the Fields situation left a team divided )….. Coley taken over and guessing what to do; Keeping in CKS graces. Fromm got sloppy with mechanics….. check out steps, arm form and yes zip on the ball from 1.0 to 2.0 version ( not consistent QB coaching and reps from 1.0 to 2.0 version. see UT coach which was Fromm’s security blanket )
    Very few freshman can step in and play every down. Just not physically adjusted to SC, Pickens was physical enough, mentally not so much. Dom Blaylock had the speed but his core strength was not about to take the SEC beatings. looking at those penciling in a true freshman at LT. I know there are exceptions. I also hope for a jelled O line when and if the season arrives.
    I do think that Cook and McIntosh were underutilized. I liked Herrien and how long he worked and Swift was beat up most of the year it seemed. He certainly did not have a better year and not sure going to the next level is gonna help him. Probably a late 2nd. early 3rd. round so why are we consistently seeing Dawgs go early although we look around and it’s a thing now. Is it the kids are getting bad advice or the fact CKS has to make room for the next big and coming 5*.


  9. F

    I like that we always play them on our home field.

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  10. Kinda agree on just out physicality them.


  11. Jack Klompus

    Zero separation from receivers
    OL blocking was not so good.
    The O looked out of sorts- did not look fluid
    Jake seemed antsy in the pocket


  12. bwaredogs

    Geoff > Johnson ???

    Nah, what everyone else said.


  13. BuffaloSpringfield

    How did the Nauta, Ridley and Hollifield ( $5,000 Non draft signing ) decisions go. ( agree 2mil is not nothing to snuff ( to make the full paycheck they’ve got to produce…. yet to be determined : practice squad players for a full year knock down $130,000 ) Swift is a talent but not a ever down back in the show. How bout Jell Blabovich he says selling insurance in Nashville is good. I love Swift but in the NFL RB’s are pretty much plug and play. He’ll get tabbed late 2nd early 3rd if he could block like Sony he might generate more interest. There is business decisions and probably there is CKS decisions. Herrien wasn’t a academic causality in the Sugar Bowl, no note of discipline issues, just think he saw in Bowl practices that Zeus and company was gonna get the touches. He’s a DGD. Why in the HELL play 4 years and sit out the Sugar Bowl to train. Anyone of the scribes here would cherish the ability to dress and be on the sidelines at the Sugar Bowl. To US it just means more to them not so much.
    Chubb, Michael and Mecole had the right numbers rather than playing the dealer’s hand.