Positional Value: QB >>> CB > WR >> DL > OL > RB

Brent Rollins:

The order and magnitude of the heading are both important. Obviously, if offense and the passing game are king, the quarterback is the most valuable position. If you don’t get elite quarterback play in today’s college football playoff world, your chances of winning a conference championship, playoff, and then national championship game are slim to none. Of the top 25 most valuable players in college football last fall, 20 were quarterbacks, per our Wins Above Average (WAA) metric, which is analogous to Wins Above Replacement (WAR) for the NFL. For the Bulldogs, elite freshman George Pickens was the second most valuable player in terms of WAA, and the third-highest graded offensive player with an 85.5 overall grade.

No mention of Fromm there, but PFF had this to say about him in its ranking of college football’s quarterbacks last season:

8. Jake Fromm – Georgia

Preseason Rank: 9; Week 6 Rank: 6; Week 12 Rank: 7

It wasn’t always pretty from Fromm this season, but he just simply got the job done when he needed to (save for one outing against South Carolina). Sure, he threw away the game, literally, against the Gamecocks, but he was entrusted with every throw and put up a passing grade of 69.0 or higher in all but two contests this year. Outside of the game against SC, he just simply didn’t make many unforced errors in 2019, and that will certainly take him far at the next level. He finished with just seven turnover-worthy throws compared to 24 big-time throws as his avoidance of negatively-graded plays was among the best in the country. He had elite passing grades on throws over the middle just the same as he did on throws outside, finishing with the 10th-most big-time throws on passes outside the numbers. Fromm’s departure to the NFL draft gives way for the Newman transfer as he’ll have big shoes to fill in Athens.

That’s a lot of words to describe Fromm as a game manager.  The problem for Georgia was that the game has changed.  Fromm’s season would have been more valuable 5-8 years ago, but now…

Dayne: The threat of the run must be present to get the defense to bite on a fake to leave them vulnerable for the pass. What happened for Georgia in 2019 was that defenses developed so little respect for the Bulldogs’ passing game, defenders crowded the box and refused to leave. Georgia failed to counter with consistent passing excellence.

We’ve already hashed to death the perceived reasons for Georgia’s slide in offensive production last season.  Going forward, the question is whether Monken can counter with consistent passing excellence.  Or, maybe more precisely, whether he has the right quarterback with whom to counter.


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25 responses to “Positional Value: QB >>> CB > WR >> DL > OL > RB

  1. Just going to sit back and wait for this thread to turn into a “Bash Jake Fromm” session


  2. Gaskilldawg

    Your Daily Gator will freak out over the PFF article. UF and Trask and Frank’s at 66th best and Jones likely to beat Trask out! Also noted Bo Nix at 105th.


  3. TN Dawg


    If I read that correctly, Fromm outperformed his expectations last year.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    I had the unfortunate experience of seeing the re-broadcast of the secc on Saturday. Can’t blame Fromm for leaving after the shitshow our WRs put on. Hankton, Landers and DRob should be shown the door. At least we’ve got Pickens and a large cast of freshmen and sophomores to rebuild with.


  5. bcdawg97

    I get protecting Fromm from taking hits but if the coaches had literally let him keep just one time per game it probably would’ve opened up even just the basic plays we were running. With no threat of the QB keeper (or heaven forbid some play action) there was simply no reason to not stack the box. That’s entirely on the coaches.


    • I saw so many times on the zone read where Fromm could have kept the ball and gotten 4-7 yards on the keep, but instead Swift or Herrien was running into a stacked box where the backside end was crashing down.

      That can’t have been Fromm’s choice and had to have been coming from the sideline. If you aren’t going to at least have a threat of the QB keeper in the zone read, you might as well go under center, bring in a fullback, and run TB power or off tackle.


    • Very frustrating. And a rather hard headed approach.


  6. I saw that article a couple of weeks ago. I still wonder what JF read on the breeze to make him leave early.


    • Jake was always leaving early. Just turned out he had a less than ideal junior year


    • The other Doug

      His draft stock wasn’t going to improve with another year. He has already shown his skills after 3 years of starting and it’s not likely his arm strength or running will improve.

      I think he was hoping to be the 3rd or 4th QB taken, but he has struggled to shake the game manager label.


      • Maybe. The offense looked like shit last year. That couldn’t have helped his draft stock, regardless of the part he played in it. What I’m afraid of, and nothing I’ve seen changes my mind, is Jake’s early departure the canary or did he get processed? The only way I saw his draft stock changing for the worse was if he lost the starting job. With a returning Pickens, some freshman talent and a new OC? Why not give it another shot?
        (Obviously highly speculative on my part ….)


  7. Mayor

    Last I checked there were multiple choices at QB and none had been selected yet. I have confidence in Kirby and Monken picking the right guy.


  8. DawgPhan

    I think that it does highlight an issue with Smart’s recruiting. We load up on the admittedly rare 5 star OL, but those guys dont tend to be as valuable when it comes to wins and loses as WR where we are lacking.


    • I think you have struck a chord here, DP. In today’s game of get the ball out as quickly as possible and RPO-oriented offense, a road grading offensive line may lose some of its valuable.

      The reason we have been successful over the previous 2 seasons was the ability to balance the run and the pass. It seemed last season we didn’t use the run to set up an efficient and effective passing game.

      In the pro game, an all-world left tackle is still necessary to protect the backside of the investment in the franchise QB.


    • Mayor

      JJ would have been a really good player to have in’19.


  9. It’s not smart to run a zone-read offense and take away the QB’s ability to read the defense and run the ball himself, on occassion.