2020 season ticket renewals

If you’re wondering where the coronavirus leaves us in terms of renewing our season tickets for 2020 — leaving aside the question of exactly what we’re renewing — Greg McGarity reached out yesterday with a status report.

Screenshot_2020-03-18 Georgia Athletics

This, of course, doesn’t address the question of what happens if all or part of the regular season isn’t played, but I doubt B-M has tried to game that out yet (not that I blame them).

There is some sensitivity to current affairs shown there and if anyone has spoken with the UGAAA about the options he mentions, please share your experience in the comments.



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14 responses to “2020 season ticket renewals

  1. TN Dawg

    With people forced out of work either by quarantine or economic slowdown, it’d probably be wise for the cash-flush UGA AD to reduce the mandatory donation.

    Entertainment budget is the first thing to get cut when times get tight.

    But they won’t. Because they are greedy pricks.

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    • 79Dawg

      Donations were due February 15…

      Methinks Greg will be extending that deadline – not necessarily because people don’t think this will be over by the fall (which if it did, they would have to refund ticket prices for games that are not played), but more because people are saving their “dry powder” in case the economic conditions do not return to normal shortly….


  2. ATL Dawg

    If they only play part of the regular season, they better issue pro-rated refunds of the personal seat license fees (aka “donations”).

    And of course if they don’t play at all, they better refund all of it.


    • Comin' Down The Track

      I would invite you to spit in one hand and hope for that donation refund in the other and see which one fills up first, friend. 😉


      • ATL Dawg

        They’re going to have a LOT of really pissed off customers if they try to get away with not doing it.


        • Comin' Down The Track

          I mean, they’ll probably refund the ticket prices, but the key word in “donation” is… “donation.” Best believe that word will be doing all of the heavy lifting.


          • ATL Dawg

            That’s what they’ll say. But the fact is that these “donations” are directly tied to their football games. And if they’re not having the games, the reason people gave them the “donations” is gone.

            If they dig their heels in on this and try to hide behind their usual bullshit “we’re a charity” facade, they’ll be dealing with thousands of irate customers. At a bare minimum, they would need to let everyone’s “donations” satisfy requirements for the 2021 season.

            With all that being said, I fully expect them to bungle it.


  3. ATL Dawg

    I still have to LOL about them extending the deadline 6 WHOLE days.

    The Georgia Way.


  4. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    So, if the season is cancelled, that means you didn’t get anything in return for your “donation”. If there was no quid pro quo, does that mean the “donation” becomes tax deductible? People who are better informed than I need to answer that.


  5. chopdawg

    Realizing I’m late to this party, but I did call the ticket office & was told about the one-week extension, a few days ago. This extension is for the payment for actual season tickets; the Hartman fund donations deadline has already passed, but the $410 (I think) for each actual season ticket is still due.

    Not sure why they can’t extend the April 6 deadline at least a couple more weeks, maybe put off the online seat selection process until June. Don’t know how much time it takes to actually print that many tickets, but I know people who are very concerned about having to lay out so much money in such uncertain economic times.

    I’d really like to hear, from the UGAA, a policy dealing with what happens if the football season is postponed or shortened: do we get credits for games not played? Do our donations count toward the 2021 season, if the 2020 season is cancelled? Having already made our Hartman Fund donations, season ticket holders are over the barrel, we can’t not finish buying our tickets in case the season does start on time (and I think there’s a good chance it will start on time, surely to God we’ll be way on the back side of the curve by Labor Day).

    So I want to know: what’s the plan? Need definite answers, before I lay out another big chunk of change.