Livin’ on a prayer


This is what you say when you’re the guy in charge, you don’t have the slightest clue where things are headed but you can’t bring yourself to admit that:

Screenshot_2020-03-18 Seth Emerson on Twitter What happens if no spring practices happen, which seems likely Greg Sankey sa[...]

In the end, it’ll probably boil down to what Mickey wants, like everything else these days.


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12 responses to “Livin’ on a prayer

  1. Bulldog Joe

    7-on-7 baybee!

    Sorry, Georgia. Social distancing guidelines prohibit manball.

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  2. Bright Idea

    Students are already wondering what will happen to Maymester. If they aren’t allowed back on campus at least for summer semester then we will know that preparation for the season is in jeopardy, not to mention the season itself. Sloppy play, cramps and injuries may rule the day whenever it starts.


  3. UGA '97

    Virtual Reality could be a plan B season savior.


  4. Mickey will say, “We’ll just award the national championship based on FPI, the most reliable measure of a college football team’s performance. We will be awarding the championship to our ultimate media darling and the alma mater of the Pretty Face Empty Suit of college football, An Ohio State Buckeyes.”


  5. 1966

    The Boom will take it as a slam dunk. “Where yesterday never happened and tomorrow will (really) never come. “
    He’s good for 2020 and won’t even need to change any coordinators.
    Pruitt thinks it’s just the Knoxville cops causing problems and is still practicing (indoors) . Saban has purell hand sanitizer on the lectern and Gus has invented a reusable toilet paper…he wipes his ass with his wife’s miniature dachshund then sprays it down with a garden hose.


    • RangerRuss

      Hahahaha! That’s FAF. Reminds me of my Papa’s tale of how the raccoon got its stripes.
      Raccoons were originally all black. One day raccoon is commiserating with black bear over shit sticking to bear’s fur as they took a dump. Bear asks,”Hey coon, does shit stick to your fur?”
      “No”,says raccoon.
      “That’s convenient and so are you”, said bear as he snatched up raccoon and proceeded to wipe his ass with the little trash panda.
      And that’s how raccoon got his brown stripes.


  6. doofusdawg

    Clemson had nine spring practices… Carolina had five. The Sec and ncaa will need to even things out at some point if in fact there is football this fall.


  7. YMMV

    I contend the Corona Virus has been here a while, it’s just been called an upper respiratory infection…


    • Gaskilldawg

      Public health professionals say it isn’t the common URI, but I am sure they would love it if you would share the evidence supporting your view with them.


  8. JasonC

    So it’s very reasonable to think Vandy could have a Spring game and comply with CDC guidelines, right?