Manball crosses the final frontier.

Yep, it’s Mandel’s Mailbag ($$).

Georgia is the harder one to read. Kirby Smart is no doubt feeling urgency to get away from old-school “man ball,” as Dawgs fans began to call his old scheme, and modernize the offense.

I have no worlds left to conquer.


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  1. “You magnificent pagan god, you”
    Bonus points if you can identify the movie…


    • Hobnail_Boot

      The one about a dead pilot watching over other people fall in love. John Goodman maybe? Can’t recall the title.


    • RangerRuss

      I “Always” knew the Senator was influential. But I’ll never admit to watching chick flicks.


      • Down Island Way

        Well, according to little stewart, the UGA fan is more influential, getting Kirbs to change the offense mindset because they said so….(watch out for the bait)


      • Got Cowdog

        It’s not a chick flick. It has airplanes and fire and Holly Hunter is hot in it.
        No I’m not turning in my man card…. It’s just allergies.


    • Ms. Emily Litella

      “Always.” I loved that movie. (Sobbing quietly)


  2. ugafidelis

    Remember I told my son that you were a pillar of the Dawgnation. 😉


  3. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Yippee-ki-yeah mutha-fuckers

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  4. Mayor

    Smashmouth football is still the best kind of football. It’s the most fun to watch if you really like power football, particularly OL and DL play, and historically it wins the most games and championships. I would respectfully remind all of you that if the Refs don’t blow the offsides call and the blocked punt stands in the 2017 NCG the Dawgs would have won a natty already playing that way. I agree we need a better passing attack so that other teams’ Ds can’t just load the box but we do NOT need to give up on the run first offensive philosophy.

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    • Classic City Canine

      We do need to give up on run the ball first. Yes, the refs blew the calls but the offense went into a shell and scored one TD in the second half. Joe Burrow, Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields have shown us that you need elite passing to win big. (all those teams also had great running backs too so you can pass first and still run well)


      • WIll (the other one)

        Yes and no on this. I agree overall we need a passing game that can succeed even if the run game is being shut down and that no lead is too big to try and “sit on” vs a team like Bama that will not let you run clock (even teams that have run on them like anOSU in 2014 got yds in big chunks, not 7 minute mostly-run drives). But the second half of the title game was as much to do with Fromm losing his go-to WR.


  5. Ozam

    All this, yet Manball is not officially in the Lexicon!!??


  6. FlyingPeakDawg

    Trademark it, then hit him with a cease and desist postmarked from Montana.


  7. BuffaloSpringfield

    Senator, as the last words emulate from the movie “ Evidence of a classical education “……… first to narrate Manball. The ability to predict and possibly change psychological and physicality differences of UGA football. You da Man ! They need to make a office for you in Butts-Mahre.
    True pillar of Dawgnation and civility in a uncivilized world.


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    It’s manball! One word, not two. The least Mandel could do was spell it right. Those impudent scribblers!


  9. bulldogbry

    Social media influencer, amirite? (not really sure what that is, but it feels right)


  10. junkyardawg41

    I love the snark!
    Most of you are hopping on a non existent band wagon. Manball is not a scheme (SB can point you to the myriad of posts on this topic). Manball is a philosophy, highlighted by #1 recruiting classes, that say I will have more talent than you and impose my will. UGA is RBU. UGA will always Run The Damn Ball. I like Manball. I do not like coordinators who can’t scheme, can’t evaluate talent, and make me question if they can call the right plays in the right situation.


  11. AceDawg

    If only Coley could get an offense to gel the way he gets his hair to…

    To be fair to him, I think Coley and Chaney before him got a lot of direction from Kirby. Enough that the same people can look notably different somewhere else. He’ll have to ease up some with Monken.

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  12. Paul

    Had he filed the story from Montana it might have been a sign of the impending apocalypse.