No doubt

If you had even the slightest hope that somehow we were going to see G-Day in some form or fashion, Greg Sankey put that to rest yesterday.

That was the easy call.  The hard part is going to come when they try to figure out how to restart the season.  Or, if they try…


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  1. They have cancelled everything. If you are asking about when or if (forbid the thought) preparations start for the 20-21 calendar, I assume they’ll be following some guidance from the CDC.

    I’ll be surprised if camps don’t open in July as expected because I don’t want to think about what America will be like in a lockdown scenario … that’s a topic for the Playpen.


    • Tony Barnfart

      I’ll just say this, there will be way more destruction if there’s this level of lockdown come July than the virus could ever produce. If you’re in the at-risk category, I would prepare yourself for an end to lockdown sooner rather than later. Civil unrest will come before everyone just perpetually submits to utter ruin of their family’s financial future.


    • In part why I said June. I may have been a little ahead on the curve based on the last 24 hrs, looks like the “bubble” is 4-6 weeks out now. June being 10 weeks out, but getting into July and certainly August, if we are a functioning society I’ve got other problems than blogs and football. I’m broke AF and hurting already

      If we hit mid summer in lockdown, we got 100 million problems not football


  2. JasonC

    I think all that’s left to settle for the spring is, will we still have a player end up with a DUI, possession, traffic violation or such that we normally would have post-Spring Break? I guess the silver lining is no post-Spring Break drug testing, but maybe they got rid of that with Richt.


  3. dawgtired

    If the medical crisis wasn’t enough with this virus, the economic impact will be heavy.


  4. MGW

    Sucks for the seniors.


    • What sucks even more for seniors is the fact they aren’t going to be able to walk off the sod of Sanford Stadium at commencement after walking on it at the freshman convocation. Their families aren’t going to see them walk across the stage at their school or department ceremonies. It sucks that these graduates aren’t going to get a chance to take a picture in front of and then walk through that hallowed symbol of the university and the state, The Arch.

      A hell of a lot of money, time, sweat and some tears just to get to watch some webcast saying you now have a degree.

      I really hope that UGA finds a way to have a real commencement ceremony later this summer for those new alumni and their families who want to come to Athens to celebrate their milestone.

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  5. RangerRuss

    I’m disappointed in the cancellation of the Diamond Dawgs season. Listening to baseball on the radio as I go about my tasks and catching the occasional game on TV is my thing. The Dawgs had a chance at winning that last game this year. Dammitman!


    • Yep … definitely was looking forward to showdown series in Hogtown that was supposed to happen last weekend.

      The Georgia sports curse strikes again.


      • RangerRuss

        Right. That was the first disappointment in what I reckon will be many in the near future.

        As for that curse? I read an explanation season-by-season of how the BoSox curse wasn’t a curse. They simply blew it or stunk it up. The only curse I believe in is this:
        Fuck those motherfuckers!

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  6. Bright Idea

    This virus was conceived the minute Atlanta was awarded the Final Four. It is the most Atlanta thing ever among tornadoes, ice storms and Simmons was onsides.

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