What exactly are “team activities”?

Seth Emerson ($$) asks Georgia’s compliance director about some program dos and don’ts during the shutdown.  This is actually the thing I’ve been most curious about:

Coach-player communication

Coaches and players can talk, but mainly just on logistical matters, such as checking in and seeing that everybody is OK. They cannot have what Lawler called “chalk talk.”

There are some exceptions, as Lawler explained: “If they ask and say: ‘Hey, I’m here at my house, I don’t want to go to a gym, can you give me some body-weight workouts?’ or something like that. You could provide it to them. But you can’t require it. There’s no reporting back. There’s no any of that. There’s some flexibility. This thing kind of moves pretty quickly.”

I’ll bet it does.

What’s the over/under on the number of SEC programs pushing that particular envelope?


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8 responses to “What exactly are “team activities”?

  1. Over/under number … 13


  2. JN

    And, yet, THIS offseason will be the BEST EVAH…


  3. Tony Barnfart

    Push the envelope. Screw em.


  4. Chi-town Dawg

    My daughter’s Big10 soccer coach has been checking in with her and her teammates via group chat messaging every 2-3 days. He “strongly recommended” the girls stay home for Spring Break and not travel. The ones who didn’t listen got the standard coaches dressing down;-)


  5. What’s a bagman to do during these times….


  6. Get that Herschel workout program going.