“KU comes to you.”

When it comes to recruiting in the time of the coronavirus, necessity remains the mother of invention.

On March 12, Kansas head coach Les Miles posted a note on his Twitter that the Jayhawks will be canceling their big upcoming junior day scheduled for March 21 because of the circumstances regarding the Coronavirus. We are currently in a mandated NCAA recruiting dead period.

“We are excited that you have interest in our program and can’t wait to meet with you at the appropriate time,” Miles wrote.

While the Coronavirus is obviously impacting every college program’s spring visit schedules from coast to coast, it looks like Miles and his staff quickly pivoted to a Plan B to showcase their program to prospective prospects. And with that, their junior day plans are back on.

In a virtual sense.

The day will include a TikTok dance off with the Kansas staff and their families, before pivoting to already prepared videos regarding tours of campus. There will be presentations regarding campus dining, player development, facilities, videos, the strength staff, nutrition, academics, the partnership with Adidas, as well as the coaching staff and Coach Miles as well as the city of Lawrence.

“There is an aspect of it for the public, so Friday is the junior day and every hour starting at 9 am one of those elements will be released via social media, so anyone can tune in,” Redmond said. “On the back end of all that, our top prospects are going to be FaceTiming with the coaching staff and receiving videos and personal graphics from the staff.”

Lester, bringing the heat!  I wonder if he’ll discuss grass during the nutrition segment.

If this works, I bet it takes off.  It’s not like football staffs have as much on their plate as usual right now.

A Nick Saban TikTok dance off would be a real treat to watch.




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4 responses to ““KU comes to you.”

  1. I still think Les’ Dos Equis commercials are funny as hell…


  2. HirsuteDawg

    I bet Saban can dance like a son-of-a-gun. He sure has made everybody else dance to his beat.


  3. FlyingPeakDawg

    A 17 year old is going to watch a computer screen from 9:00am – 7:00pm? Not unless it’s a video game or porn.