“There’s a period on the end of that sentence.”

We may not get spring practice, and we’re definitely not getting spring games, but rest assured, Greg Sankey’s not shutting down the SEC completely.

The SEC’s spring meetings are still scheduled for May 25-29 in Destin, Florida. The conference’s annual media days event, to be held July 13-16 in Atlanta, also is on track — for now.

Can you do Media Days without the media being physically present?



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6 responses to ““There’s a period on the end of that sentence.”

  1. Gaskilldawg

    The suits are going to cancel their free beach vacation for themselves, spouses and kids.


    • Russ

      Exactly. All these events can be held virtually. Practically every organization out there is doing that right now.


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Many of them are in the high risk age group. Maybe that’ll sink in before May 25th.

    One would think these guys have plenty of time now to brush up on their P.R. skills.


  3. FlyingPeakDawg

    Sticking to the 10 person assembly limit rule, Vandy, TAMU, Mizzou and Arky were disinvited.

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