When consistency isn’t a hobgoblin.

David Wunderlich makes a fair point here:

With spring football practice gone for everyone, any fall season will be materially different. Spring is when position battles happen and coaches begin to figure out the dynamics within their new teams. They can identify problems and work over the summer to figure out how to fix or disguise them. There’s been some speculation that teams could get a crack at “spring” practice over the summer, but on top of potential virus concerns, coaches might not conduct full-on sessions given the shorter time for injuries to heal before the season in that scenario.

Florida has some important position battles like offensive line and backup wide receivers, and it has some question marks at places like star and starting safety. The Gators do not, however, have question marks in the most important places: scheme and quarterback. Kyle Trask is the steady hand on the wheel, and Dan Mullen and Todd Grantham will be running the same stuff they’ve been doing for a couple of years now.

He goes on to compare Florida’s situation with that of the Gators’ conference opponents’, plus FSU’s.  Remarkably, of those eight teams, only Tennessee matches Florida’s returning stability (assuming Guarantano keeps his starting job, that is).

Here’s how he summarizes Georgia.

Kirby Smart hired Todd Monken to bring a more modern offense after the James Coley experiment exploded in the hangar. UGA also brought in grad transfer QB Jamie Newman from Wake Forest to replace the departed Jake Fromm. There figures to be enough talent around to end up with an offense that’s more than adequate given the nightmare of a defense the team will be fielding. Giving Newman a chance to get used to his new teammates and vice versa right now would’ve been a plus, though.

Losing spring practice is more of a concern for the Week 3 game at Alabama than any matchup on Halloween, but you never know. Without the March/April session to get the basics down, it may take more than one year for the new attack to gel.

Hell, there was some concern about gelling before they cancelled spring practice.  But I agree with David about how Georgia’s defense is going to make up for a lot of sins on the part of the offense.


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  1. “Exploded in the hangar”? Cool euphemism. One of the Uncle Cowdogs flew for the USAF, he had a ton of those. “Premature Detonation” was a bad thing, according to him. I love talking to him, he get’s a few beers under his belt and that fucker can tell some stories.

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  2. stoopnagle

    12-2. Exploded in the hangar.

    How did he describe Florida’s season, wrong wristbands and all?


  3. DawgPhan

    We always heard that the defensive side of the ball came out faster in spring ball. Offense takes a second to get going.

    Without spring practice and our defense wouldnt that tilt things in our direction for some early season match ups?

    Of all the seasons to have an over the top defense, this might be a good one.


  4. “Todd Grantham will be running the same stuff [he’s] been doing for a couple of years now.”

    Your Daily Gator wishes there were a question mark here.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    I’d say Wunderlich is BSing us when it comes to facts. fu lost 3 of their top WRs. He’d have us believe the only problem is who gets to be “backup” WRs. And their D revolved around Greenard, Zuniga and Henderson – all gone.

    utk may have closed the gap on fu, but neither is anywhere near to the talent Kirby’s assembled.


  6. Macallanlover

    So the QB position is why he thinks TN might be a bigger threat to FU than UGA? And this passes for analysis? I would put Stetson above the TN QB. And all the love for Trask is puzzling to me when you consider 6 of his last 8 years (something like that) he was unable to even win the starting QB job in HS and college. Not excel at the position, just win the right to get a shot. Excuse me if I don’t quake in my boots. We might stumble against them, (hell, we did against SC with 4-0 turnovers) but it doesn’t mean they are competitive with top teams again.


  7. Will Adams

    He was right about how the D is going to be a nightmare for opposing teams this year. If we’re healthy on that side of the ball by the time Halloween rolls around, I’d expect it to be a long day for Trask. The Portal Master might be a good playcaller/schemer but we all know that can only take you so far. As they say, it’s about the Jimmy’s and Joe’s not the X’s and O’s. With FU rebuilding their OL and having new (and most likely less talented) WR’s is a recipe for disaster against the Dawg D. There’s no reason why our secondary shouldn’t be dominant, especially against younger WR’s. Then you throw in Ojulari, Smith, Johnson, Anderson, Herring, Walker, Davis and all the others who get after the QB, I just don’t see how a rebuilt OL can handle that. Their OL coach is definitely good at his job and has done a pretty good job at fielding an competent line that can get the job done vs most teams. But as the gaytard said above, this isn’t most defenses. I see a beautiful Halloween nightmare coming their way this fall.